Considerations Before Choosing Your Brand Name

Your brand name represents your company and its values to potential customers. When choosing the right brand name, it’s important to consider what you want your company to stand for and how to represent those values. Do you want a catchy word? Something fun? Or something serious? Here are 4 considerations before choosing a name to represent your company. 

Is It Memorable?

Choosing a name that people can remember can help boost your brand’s identity. The most memorable brand names are short and easy to say. You can come up with business names with the help of a tool like a Brand Name Generator by Namify. Combining your product names or adding letters to a common word is another way to generate names that are inspired by your business. Creating a list of potential words that Namify generates might inspire more names and give you a selection of words that might lead to the perfect name. For instance, if the name generated has something to do with luxury or crowns, you can create a logo with crowns to show that to your audience. Namify has a number of other business name generation tools to help you find ideas specific to your industry. 

Does It Represent Your Mission?

Why is your business or product line important to you and your business? A brand that inspires a connection to your mission or products can help consumers remember your company identity when they are seeking products or services like yours. How do you want people to feel when they hear your company’s name? Do you want a cute word or a serious term? Or do you want people to focus on a specific product? Your brand not only reminds people of who you are, but what their products can do for them. 

Does It Sound Like Another Brand?

You should check names to make sure they are not trademarked. After you’ve checked for trademarks, you should also choose a name that sounds unique and can set you apart from other brands. A name that is distinct can also stand out in searches, so it might be advisable to avoid common phrases or stock industry terms. Using initials may make your business harder to remember at first, but you can keep your brand initials in mind when you are creating the brand for rebranding or marketing.

Is it Evergreen?

A name that correlates with a trend may give your brand an initial boost, but you may want to consider a name that will endure. Engage your potential customers on social media and do a poll on potential names to generate interest in your business. In case your product line expands in the future, you should explore how your brand can adapt to a variety of logos and marketing materials. Namify can even offer a free logo if you purchase a domain through their name generator. 

A company’s brand can be its most valuable asset. It separates your business from the competition and builds trust with potential customers. Taking your time to find the right word or phrase that can best represent your company can be an investment in the company’s future.