Top Places That Make America the Top Destination for Tourists

America has steadily become a popular tourist spot. Why wouldn’t it be? It has everything from food to culture to adventure. Whether you’re looking for a family retreat or want to have a thrill-filled vacation, this is the right spot for you. However, America by no means is a small country. It consists of 50 states which contain numerous cities.

If you are a first-time visitor to the States, you can’t check in with all of them. So it would help if you could narrow down a list of places where you should visit. You want the most out of your vacation, no matter if you travel alone or with family.

Through this article, we have compiled popular tourist sites for you to visit. The ultimate goal is for you to enjoy your trip and come back for more. Here’s where you should stop by:

The White House

Located in Washington DC, this building was constructed in 1792 by James Hoban. However, the British forces burned it down in 1814, and it was rebuilt in 1818. This historic building serves as the official residence of the President of the United States. The white house also has a spot for visitors. You can walk in their pedestrian-only zone and enjoy the view of Lafayette Park. There are also tours offered at the White House, but you may need to book a tour at least three weeks in advance.

Rowdy Bear Mountain Adventure Park

Start by going on the Alpine Coaster, a gravity-propelled coaster that can go up to 35 mph. It is something you would want to enjoy with your family as you enjoy the scenic beauty of the mountains. The second thrill-seeking adventure you should go on is the Air Coaster. It is the world’s first mountain glider. While on this glider, you get to combine free falling and hang gliding as you rush through the mountains. Gatlinburg, TN, is one of the great places for your stay in this area. You may enjoy a comfortable stay at cabins in Gatlinburg TN, and it will surely a lifetime experience for you.

Walt Disney World Resort

This amusement park located in Orlando is the most popular site of family attraction in America. Whether you’re young or an older person, you can find something to do in this amusement park. World Disney Resort is constantly undergoing new additions and constant renovations, ensuring the park’s latest animatronics grace. The resort also houses numerous water parks for you to enjoy a fun-filled summer. You may also stop by Downtown Disney to visit theaters and shop for memorable souvenirs. The best part about the resort is spending any time from a day to a week here.


Waikiki has been a top-rated tourist site. It is a mixture of tropical goodness and a modern city. So while you lounge on the beach, you have a hotel to go back to. You can enjoy various activities such as fine dining, catch the waves or sunbathe. This tiny section of Oahu is popular among tourists and knows precisely how to keep the population entertained.

The Las Vegas 

The Las Vegas contains recreations of the Eiffel Tower, Canals of Venice, and the New York Skyline. It is no less than walking through an amusement park and witnessing various sites and colors. You can start your stroll from the end of the Luxor Hotel that looks like a pyramid. From there you will enjoy the erupting volcano and the dancing fountains. The best part about Las Vegas is you can enjoy these views for free. You can also watch a constant lineup of shows since there are always shows and concerts around the clock. There is also much for you to do when you are over with the nightlife. You can go to the nearby Death Valley National Park, Hoover Dam, or go down the hiking trails of Las Vegas.

Statue of Liberty & Times Square

This universal symbol of freedom is a popular tourist site. If you happen to go to New York, make sure you capture an image with the giant statue in the world. You can choose to admire this monument standing from Battery Park or ride a ferry to the statue. If you plan to go all the way to the statue, you get multiple options with your purchased tickets. You can choose ground tickets, pedestal tickets, or crown tickets. Each of these allows a different level of access to the site.

New York’s Times Square pays an ode to its flashing billboards and bustling traffic. It is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It is best to stop by Times Square at night. Take in the sights and follow the trail of billboards as you witness New York City come to life.

Niagara Falls

This famous waterfall is situated at the Canada-US border. What makes it so spectacular is that Lake Erie’s water flows into Lake Ontario over these massive waterfalls over a significant vertical drop. To further understand Niagara Falls‘ mechanism, you should know it is a collection of three falls. The Horseshoe Falls, The American Falls, and the Bridal Veil Falls. Although you can get a fantastic view of the water from the US, you may consider getting a visa and heading over to Canada to get a different perspective of the waterfall.

Boston’s Freedom Trail

A significant historical attraction, Boston’s freedom trail is a 2.5-mile walking route. It has lines of red bricks inlaid in the sidewalk, which provide you with guidance to find your way around. You can also learn the significance of this route by reading the information found at the Visitors Center in the Boston Common. As you walk around this trail, you will find many sites such as the State House, Old State House, Old Granary Burying, and Paul Revere House, and more once you head down there.

Golden Gate Bridge

This iconic bridge joining San Francisco and Marin County has been an icon since 1930. The Golden Gate Bridge is an aesthetic treat as its orange-red color contrast with the blue water. If you drive around sunset, you can catch the golden hour. What even enhances the golden gate bridge is when it is shrouded in a layer of fog. The visual appeal against the fog stands out even more as you can see tall peaks of the main towers. So don’t forget to take a drive across the bridge with your family and enjoy this Californian experience.

Wrap Up

America holds potential as the best vacation spot. You can go to the statue of liberty, go to the rowdy mountain park, the grand canyon. Don’t forget to stop by Niagara falls, the white house, and Las Vegas. Enjoy a day on the beach in Waikiki, witness Times Square in all its glory, and a walk on Boston’s freedom trail. Pay a visit to Walt Disney Resort and bask in what the resort has to offer. Finally, a relaxing drive across the Golden Gate bridge would make for a memorable trip. So there you have it, your fun vacation to the States.