Places to Visit for a Dream Trip to the USA

Are you planning to explore the world? The United States of America is a dream destination for many travelers worldwide. Some people associate the USA with the lights of Las Vegas. In contrast, others think of the Hollywood Walk of Fame when talking about the USA. The country is famous for its breath-taking tourist spots, thrilling amusement parks, and historical monuments.

Additionally, the USA has various stunning cities and towns that can be a perfect vacation spot. You can explore the vast landscape of bustling metropolises, the sun-soaked countryside, white-sand beaches, or mountainous sites. Precisely, every inch of the 3.8 million square miles of America offers something different. Hence, it is impossible to run out of sights in this diverse country.

Before starting to pack for the trip, navigate through the 50 states to pick your travel destination. After all, every state has its unique tourist spots and attractions. In case you can’t decide, look no further. Here we are listing ten places to visit for a dream trip to the USA.

  • Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg is home to various outdoor activities and eclectic attractions, making it an increasingly popular destination for travelers. You can head straight to the Smoky Mountains National Park to catch a glimpse of breath-taking mountains. It has miles of trails for hiking, biking, and horseback riding, perfect for people who want some adventure. Besides this, Gatlinburg has exotic wildlife in its natural habitat which means, you can see black bears, elk, and deer.

Moreover, this place has more lodging options than any place in America. You can find hotels, cabins, and luxury resorts in the heart of the Smoky Mountains. Also, if you want to explore other places in Tennessee, look for condos in Pigeon Forge since it is between Gatlinburg and Sevierville.

  • Las Vegas

Known as the ultimate playground, Las Vegas is the most colorful and vibrant city. Travelers can experience outclass entertainment, cuisine, nightlife scene, and attractive tourist spots. Firstly, you must plan a trip to the Las Vegas Strip since it is the most famous street in the world. In addition to being home to many hotels, it offers endless drinking and food options with musical shows. Secondly, you can head over Hoover Dam. It is an architectural marvel, giving tribute to the American Dream. You can also take a short drive north to see the green oasis in the middle of the desert.

  • Orlando, Florida

Whenever someone talks about Orlando, what is the first thing that hits your mind? Probably, the Walt Disney World. It alone boasts four uniquely different parks, an ideal vacation spot to have an exciting trip. The thrill-seekers can marvel at Universal Studios, while people who want to relax can head over to Sea World Orlando. If you want to escape the heat, cool off at the water parks of Disney World.

Moreover, the place has always something new for travelers. Recently, it opened Volcano Bay which combines thrill and relaxation on an Island. Sounds exciting, no? Also, it has introduced an Animal Kingdom Resort, a new Avatar-inspired land – Pandora. If you are traveling with children, make sure to have Orlando on your bucket list.

  • New York

According to tourism reports, more than 65.1 million people visit New York every year for good reasons. It conjures up images of steel sky-grazing buildings by an overwhelming central square. Similarly, you can visit the famous Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the Empire State Building. Apart from this, explore the richness of all five boroughs. You can take a trip neighborhood of Williamsburg or head out to Botanical Garden. Otherwise, see some of the world’s largest museums and art galleries if you are into history. Above all, don’t forget to ride on the Staten Island Ferry since a trip to New York is incomplete without it.

  • Chicago

Although Chicago has always been famous for its deep-dish pizza, it has many more wonderful things. From Frank Lloyd buildings to a whole street devoted to dancing and drinking – it is a big city with a friendly vibe. You can head over to Summer Festivals for some activities and affordable shopping.

Similarly, you can spend one of the evenings at Chicago comedy clubs. From Tina Fey to Stephen Colbert – a lot of talent has emerged from this city. And, of course, the trip to Chicago won’t be complete without trying the deep-dish pizza.

  • San Francisco

One of the mind-blowing things about visiting San Francisco is that the city has many attractions and amenities. You can visit the oldest Chinatown and the world-class museums and go to Union Square for shopping – all in one day. Likewise, you can ride the cable car, dine at AI’s place, and witness golden sunsets at the Golden Gate Bridge. San Francisco is a heaven for people who love trying new cuisines. It has more than 4,500 restaurants in its seven square mile area, serving mouth-watering food.

  • Boston

Are you fond of history and culture? Unsurprisingly, Boston is one of the most historic vacation destinations in the United States. You can visit Paul Revere’s home or head over to East Coast to see historical monuments. Alongside history, check out Boston’s famous Duck Boat Tours and explore the city by both street and water. Also, don’t miss out on the gorgeous architecture of Boston. From Beacon Hill to Back Bay, you can find various Victorian homes of the 19th century.

  • New Orleans

Are you into music? Whether you like brass band jazz, funk, or pop – New Orleans is the city of music. Many people even refer to it as the ‘birthplace of jazz.’ Travelers can enjoy concerts, attend Heritage festivals, and witness astounding cultural performances. There is also some folklore and mystery surrounding the city’s early days. People believe pirates roam around the haunted building. Hence, if you are up for some spooky adventure, plan some ghost tours offered through the French Quarter.

  • Hawaii

From breath-taking scenery to welcomingly calm ambiance – Hawaii is like a piece of heaven on earth. Since crystal waters surround the place, you can explore different water-based activities. You can see the life below the surface with scuba diving and snorkeling or board a submarine for an underwater adventure. Besides this, Hawaii has some most dreamy waterfalls globally, covered with luscious greenery and rocks. You can take a tour around Rainbow and Manoa Falls since these are every tourists’ favorite.

  • Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is home to Busch Gardens, one of the most exciting theme parks. It is full of stunning safari animals with the most thrilling roller coasters in Florida. Hence, don’t mind testing your limits on Cheetah Hunt or Falcon’s Fury since it offers the fastest rollercoaster rides. Apart from this, Tampa Bay is also famous for its incredible shopping and the international plaza. The Bay Street area of the mall is an open space with over 200 stores and delicious dining options. Suppose you don’t feel like heading to the hotel early, head to Ybor City – the hub of entertainment.

Final Thoughts

The United States of America is a famous travel destination. The lively Smoky Mountains in the heart of Tennessee are the perfect spot for having a relaxing vacation. Similarly, Hawaii offers the best tropical retreat. Depending on your interests and travel goals, you can plan a trip to any of the exotic states of America. In addition to having the best time of your life, you will make many memories while exploring these places.