Whether you are a casual moviegoer or an avid fan of the cinema, there comes a point in time when you simply want to relax and watch movies at home. However, services such as Netflix and Hulu don’t offer every movie or TV show under the sun.

Their selections are typically dictated by licensing deals, exclusivity and monthly fees. With the recent rise of streaming, specialized movie sites such as (which recently transitioned to a new domain name, started popping up across the web. Let’s take a look at why you should consider using these websites for your pleasure, as well as which ones to look out for when browsing the web.

Why use and its alternatives

  • On-Demand Content

One of the best reasons to use movie streaming websites and services such as movie4k is due to the very nature of the media landscape we live in. Watching a movie on your local TV station will usually consist of waiting for a particular time of day in which the movie will play. You might not feel like watching it at that moment or want to save it for later but are unable to do so. Services like movie4k aim to amend that and allow for instantaneous, 24/7 viewing.

  • No Ad Breaks

Apart from a few popups and cookie confirmations, there are virtually no ads to speak of with video streaming services online. You can enjoy whichever movie or TV show you choose to watch without constant interruptions about products you care nothing about. This leads to a more coherent, cinematic experience when watching your favorite series or movies.

  • HD Video Quality

It’s important to note that we have moved beyond the early days of YouTube when it comes to online streaming. As the name suggests, movies4k allows for HD video quality streaming up to 4K resolution quality standards. This means that you can enjoy your experience both on small tablet screens and large double-digit smart TVs. alternatives

The first service on our list is one of the more popular options found on the web. Putlocker offers a very intuitive interface and a large plethora of movies and TV shows to stream. What separates it from other services is that it also offers a release calendar for upcoming content. This means that you can easily manage your time in advance to be able to enjoy premiere, quality content on its website.

You can set custom filters and search parameters which the site will follow in order to find the best movies and shows for you to watch. All of the content on Putlocker is professionally marked and packed with IMDB links and ratings for your convenience. Putlocker is a very well established streaming service and you should definitely give it a shot.

Popcorn Time is arguably one of the pioneers of video streaming services. It started operating around the time Netflix became a big player on the market, which means that it is well-developed and feature-rich by now. Popcorn Time is available for download on multiple OS and devices, meaning that it is very versatile and user-friendly.

All you have to do is install its app file on your desktop or smart device and start enjoying a vast library of shows and movies. It features built-in trailer support, multiple subtitle language options as well as VPN service compatibility if you need it. The app is frequently updated with new stability fixes and additional features, not to mention an up-to-date database of content for you to enjoy.

  • 123Movies

As another veteran streaming website on our list, 123moviesweb has a lot to offer in terms of HD quality content. The intuitive landing page is readily available for streaming, meaning that you will spend only a few clicks before you find what you are looking for. New featured content is prominently displayed on the home page which is quite practical for recurring visitors as well as new viewers.

You can browse content based on genres or settle for the inviting UI which clearly marks new, old, trending and highly rated content. Once you find what you are looking for, 123Movies will show you all the information you need about the movie or TV show, including its cast, plot synopsis, ratings, length and other technical details. This is all done in order for you to have an enjoyable streaming experience which will keep you coming back for more.

Finding a good streaming service with a repository of documentaries and biopics might be easier than you think. Enter SnagFilms, an online service with over 5000 documentaries available for viewing, with more added each day.

The website is separated into categories based on the thematic elements of each documentary, with new releases featured on the home page. It also offers an interesting take on categorizing its content, since it uses algorithms that recognize the contents and themes within each movie. While you may have to put up with an ad or two during your stay, SnagFilms and its repository of varied and unique documentaries are worth the effort.

If you are looking for a video streaming service with a retro look, Movie25 has you covered. Visiting the home page of Movie25 will let you know what new movies and shows they have available for viewing at that moment. Each entry will be paired with a grade, a poster and a link for further details.

Choosing what to watch on Movie25 is quite easy and consists of a few simple steps after which you will be free to enjoy your desired content. The movies and shows hosted on Movie25 come from third-party servers, meaning that there is a lot of content to go through if you want a healthy choice of movies and shows. You can even create an account on the website to keep track of your viewing activities for later re-watch or to simply keep track of what you already went through.

Even though personalization doesn’t play a large part in your viewing experience, it can still add a lot to it. This is the general idea behind PrimeWire, a professional movie streaming service with a plethora of community features. You can create viewing schedules for popular and ongoing TV shows and share them with other viewers on the platform. It’s quite easy to participate in discussion threads and share thoughts and opinions about the movies and shows you enjoyed watching recently.

What shows the thought and effort put into PrimeWire is the fact that plot spoilers are clearly called out and marked for casual viewers. This means that you can safely participate in community threads on PrimeWire without worrying about spoilers while doing so. As for the streaming quality itself, the service offers prime quality (no pun intended) video streaming, meaning that you will never have to worry about buffering errors or poor visuals.

It’s quite difficult to find a single movie provider on the web with consistent quality and release schedule. As a well-known scene group of the same name, Yify has made a name for itself on the web. The streaming website offers all of the releases found on their home website, as well as numerous others from other third-party platforms.

YifyMovies is unique in the way it filters movies for your pleasure. You can choose the year of the release which interests you, the genre you want to watch as well as the user ratings to go by. What you end up with will undoubtedly be a movie worth watching because of the extensive filtering options available on YifyMovies. Even though it is not a primary feature on the service, you can enjoy new and popular TV shows just as you would do with movies.

Instead of presenting you with numerous viewing options from the get-go, 5Movies lets you decide what you are looking for. The streaming service’s landing page is designed with search functionality in mind, meaning that you can input keywords and quite literally “search” for movies and shows. Think Google but for cinematic pleasure.

If you do want a more traditional browsing experience, the site is equipped with a large number of categories and filtering options for you to tinker with. This means that 5Movies is suitable for a much larger audience, both casual and movie-going. Once you do find what you want to watch, 5Movies offers HD quality streaming with no interruptions or annoying popups during viewing.

While its title may be a bit of a tongue-twister, Filmyanju is a very competent and well put together video streaming website. You can either watch movies and TV shows online or download them for your viewing pleasure. What separates Filmyanju from others on our list of movie4k alternatives is the sheer volume of international content available.

Most websites come equipped with popular, Hollywood-level movies which are bound to attract a large and varied audience. Filmyanju takes a different approach, instead focusing on the Bollywood scene and international cinema with more obscure and indie titles. This is a great opportunity for you to discover hidden cinematic gems and watch very different movies from what you are used to on mainstream websites.

As the last entry on our list of movie4k alternatives, Vumoo may be the most comprehensive. This streaming service operates like an epicenter of numerous third-party servers and content providers. If you are looking for an obscure, less-known title that you can’t find anywhere else, chances are that Vumoo has it.

This feature-rich content repository comes at a cost however since the user interface isn’t the most modern thing on the web. However, this is a small minus for an otherwise very well-made and organized site, with HD quality streaming and custom search options available from the main page.

In Conclusion

Make sure to check out several websites before you settle for the one that fits your viewing habits the most. You can also jump back-and-forth between services if you are looking for something specific and can’t find it anywhere else. No matter what you watch, make sure to enjoy doing so.

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