To-Do Apps That Help Your Employees To Get Organized

Microsoft To Do application is a kind of personal task management system that empowers its users to keep constant track and focus on all those things that they have to accomplish. With apps for Windows 10, iPhone, Android, the Web, this list is present on each and every device that is being synchronized securely and automatically through the Outlook Tasks API. This means that the data stays in Exchange and integrates automatically with Outlook Tasks.

Use of a To Do App

Earlier people used sticky notes on their monitor screen to organize their tasks. This was not very efficient. There are several modern tools available in the market that makes this task easier and comfortable. Many people who use a To-Do app on a daily basis can find it beneficial to do the task properly.

How to use a To Do App?

Every subscriber of Office 365 now has access to the new “to do application”. You need to simply scroll down through the list of applications till you locate it. This application is very straightforward and simple. It lists all the tasks that you wish to accomplish. It also later checks them as and when a person completes them.

However, there are a few features that make this to-do application very much appropriate for an enterprise level customer. This application is developed from the beginning to be a mobile application. There are a few versions of it meant for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows.

This application uses cloud computing to duplicate the device status. With this application, you can easily make modifications to the list of tasks listed in Outlook present at the workstation. It will spread it to all those devices that you use at the time of the day to get access to it.

In What Ways Does Internet Monitoring Software Proves To Be Helpful For An Organization?

A good quality and reliable internet monitoring software provide valuable advantages to your firm. With the top employee monitoring software, a professional can easily keep a track on people who perform the job and the ones who only tweet. In this way, this software assists in increasing productivity of a company.

Internet and system monitoring software displays who is lazing (spending hours on social media websites, or arriving late and going early) and who is working hard. Most of the customers notice a 25% increase in overall business productivity after informing users that they are getting supervised.

Some of the valuable features of a full-on enterprise software are:

  1. Surveillance
  2. Controls web usage
  3. Tracks work time

Benefits of an internet monitoring software

This outstanding Internet monitoring software perform processes related to their employees and brings valuable benefits to your company

  1. Increase Productivity
  2. Prevent thefts related to data
  3. Improved efficiency
  4. New Level of Human Resource Management


The straightforwardness of the “to-do list” is quite appealing to several enterprise employees. This robust Office 365 productivity suite with inbuilt access to cloud services makes it a viable option to specialized 3rd party applications offered by its competitors.