Top Instagram Analytics Tools You Should Consider to Improve Your Account Performance

Not so long ago, measuring the performance of your Instagram campaigns used to be quite difficult because of the absence of third-party analytics tools. However, in the current day, the scenario has completely changed, and businesses are spoiled when it comes to a choice of Instagram performance tracking apps and tools. The abundance of Instagram analytics tools means, however, that selecting the right tool can prove to be tricky even as the frequent changes to the Instagram API, along with its surging popularity, makes it more difficult to choose long-term and reliable solutions. Given the diversity of content and its users, it can be useful to have multiple tools to give you insights into your performance. According to, by using Instagram analytics, marketers can understand what kind of content rings the best with their audiences. A selection of the top Instagram analytics tools you can use to monitor the performance of your Instagram account:

Sprout Social

One of the most popular Instagram analytics programs available, Sprout Social brings to the table, powerful analytics for measuring the performance of Instagram activities. The app not only empowers marketers with a user-friendly scheduling feature for publishing Instagram posts but also offers supporting engagement by way of performance monitoring on a real-time basis. The tool permits users to analyze the data at the level of the profile as well as post and delivers important metrics displayed as graphs for easier understanding. While the basic version has close to everything a marketer needs to monitor Instagram account performance, however, if you want more features, you can opt for the Premium Analytics that do a more detailed job with insights and trends within the most important metrics. Users get the flexibility of being able to generate critical performance reports ready for presentations with a comprehensive suite of user-friendly reporting options. Sprout Social has the capability of measuring all performance parameters across a large variety of metrics ranging from engagement across multiple products, brands, and even locations to growth in followers at the same time. What’s more, the tool also provides monitoring of essential metrics such as saves, clicks, and replies related to Instagram Stories to help you to ensure that Stories perform at their peak.


Phlanx is one of the most straightforward tools for analyzing the engagement rate on Instagram that you will encounter. It provides an engagement calculator that can measure the engagement rate of Instagram accounts. Even though it is projected as a tool that marketers can use to evaluate influencers, it works equally well with any business or personal account. Even though there are no absolute figures regarding the engagement rate of influencers, it is widely held that a rate of around three percent is acceptable. The main use of tools like Phlanx is to determine whether the posts published by the influencer you are working with or considering working with are receiving authentic engagement or the influencer’s followers are, to a large extent, fake. In addition to monitoring the performance of your account, marketers can also use this handy tool to monitor the Instagram accounts of their competitors. Brands that are experiencing a lack of engagement can consider participating in a Like4Like program to create a buzz that will help them to acquire more followers.


Since influencer marketing has become a subject of great interest among marketers, they also need to identify social media influencers that are best suited for their businesses. Tap Influence has the capability of analyzing a database of over 50,000 influencers so that businesses can identify the ones that have the best fit with their brand image and values. To make things easier, marketers can search the database by the industry and also by specific tags that are relevant to their industry, depending on what their objectives are. Users get to see the profiles of the influencers, including what they charge as what it can cost the marketer in terms of engagement. Additionally, TapInfluence provides industry-data-based benchmark reports based on real-time inputs so that brand managers can understand how their own influencer marketing campaigns are performing. By measuring the campaign performance against industry benchmarks, marketers are in a better position to understand what they have to do to improve their ROI.


Since user-generated content is found to be more credible and authentic in the eyes of the audience, there has been a boom in marketers trying to push products and services with signals from user-generated content. This makes it necessary for marketers to understand how their efforts are paying off by analyzing pertinent metrics. For example, a “Like2Buy” bio link, which people see on Instagram, is powered by Curalate, which builds a curated collection of user-generated content that brands can use to sell their products and services from Instagram directly. Since the “Like2Buy” link is trackable, brands can very easily track the ROI of their Instagram campaigns. Besides monitoring metrics on sales and engagement, the tool also enables marketers to monitor mentions and tags so that they can identify relevant user-generated content. Most usefully, using this tool, marketers can also assess the returns generated by running Instagram campaigns.


As useful as marketers find the analysis of the past performance of their Instagram campaigns, many times being able to monitor data in real-time can be invaluable. Keyhole is a very robust Instagram hashtag tracking tool that marketers can use to conduct brand campaigns, Instagram contests, or other marketing initiatives centered on hashtag use. Keyhole has a useful analytics dashboard that allows marketers to find out the number of times a specific hashtag has been used as well as statistics on the top posts that include a particular hashtags as well as the posts that have got the maximum engagement.


Instagram marketing is not an easy task considering the level of competition in every industry niche. However, the presence of a large audience and a high rate of engagement make it worthwhile for marketers to implement carefully-strategized marketing campaigns. With the help of third-party analytics tools, marketers can monitor the performance of their Instagram campaigns to ensure that they deliver the maximum ROI.

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