Top Decorative Ideas for your House and Backyard this Christmas

There are so many beautiful ways to decorate your house and backyard this Christmas. Using the traditional methods of hanging wreaths and garlands can make a big impact, but there are also new ways to add sparkle and shine.

Besides just the holidays, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to admire your creativity and aesthetic designs. Whether you’re finding the perfect spot to hang the festive lights, pinpointing fun crafts to lamp up your living room or settling an eye-catching setting, there are so many Christmas decorations ideas that can bring life to your space this Christmas.

Here are some top ideas for house and backyard decorating. 

Light up the spruce

You can use lighted spruce. They will make your home look festive during the Christmas season. They can also be complemented with string lights. Place them near your front door to evoke a festive mood. You can decorate a white chair with ornaments or a tiny tree with a wreath. Depending on your preference. Also, customize your wooden chairs with contrasting colours and designs. To help you with choosing colours, this Christmas theme will be bright and bold with blue and magenta.

Along with the backyard!

Use lighted topiary animals to make your backyard a winter wonderland. They come in a variety of themes, like Santa’s reindeer team. Some motifs are surrounded by a variety of other holiday decors, like garlands and trees, or they’re arranged like a sleigh. The topiary animals can even be stuffed with gifts. You can place a garland of lights on the front door to bring the sense of falling snow. Use mini lights to create an attractive border around your property. Wrap a string of lights around your trees and tie them together to form a wreath. Adding spruce and holly berries to a tree can also give the appearance of falling snow.

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Go Vintage this Christmas

Use colourful cranberries or dried orange slices. Hang them from the trees to create a vintage feel. You can also deck your playhouses to add a whimsical touch to your yard. You can also use an old lantern to add vintage charm to the room. Make sure the lantern retains its rust and natural worn-out colours for an authentic look. Add mercury glass balls and a twig leg for an extra touch of class. You’ll have the best of both worlds this Christmas! If you can’t find a vintage lantern, a similar one will do. The twig legs will add an extra flair to the whole look!

Décor the stairs and wall hangings

The best I would do to my stairs was round up the stairs with the garland that has Christmas lights weaved into them. It fills the area with the traditional holiday ambience. With this, you will be providing a room with a vintage theatrical inspired look. Also, add the white ornaments and stockings hanging from the end of your bannister for an attractive Christmas décor. You can also do the same efforts to the wall hangings. Hanging the lighting garland or red-green ribbons to the doors will portray the Christmas theme.

Bring the Christmas holiday to the kitchen

Put up festive decorations on your kitchen shelves. Add a Christmas Wreath to your stove hood. Hanging mini reindeer figurines and jingle bells to make your kitchen look like a winter wonderland. You can also place a small Christmas house under your cheese dome. Hang Christmas cards on the kitchen cabinets. Red ribbons make for a cute accent and also create a festive touch. If you do not have a lot of space, use mini wreaths as an easy way to add holiday cheer to your kitchen. To add extra Christmas cheer, you can use a festive spatula or a wooden spoon with red and green yarn.

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Be extra with the yardsticks

Yardsticks can also be used as tree outlines. You can make them out of any straight piece of wood, including your backyard. Choose a paint colour that will hide the sticks and wood. A classic checkerboard design is another excellent way to make your Christmas unique. Yardsticks not only can be used to add a rustic touch to your outdoor space but can also be turned into beautiful wall hangings.

How can we forget the candies?

A simple mantel can be adorned with tin containers filled with candy canes, gumdrops, and other treats. Candies can be hung on to the trees with ribbons and stuck to the bottle to decorate it with different chocolates. Candies play a great part on Christmas and when it’s about to be the time for the guests you must greet them with the candies. Not in simple ways but you can hang them with the stems on the trees, Santa holding a candy bowl at the entrance, ribbons hanging from the ceiling each holding candy and any of your ideas.

The scented candles are a must

Candles are a classic way to decorate a room for the holidays. The Christmas tree is an elegant ornament that can be decorated with a candle. A traditional Christmas candle also symbolizes the Star of Bethlehem. The star of Bethlehem can be easily found by lighting up a jar with candles. You can use electric candles and scented candles to light the holiday season. This will create a nice scented room as well as enlighten the mood for the holiday.

The holiday season is here to celebrate and now you know all the décor ideas that you can use to light up your house and backyard this Christmas. While all these lighting and décor items can cost you a lot, there’s a way you can save couple of bucks. We know these items are costly especially in holiday season but you can always use coupon and deals from sites like Saving Says to save your money and buy even more décor with it. Lets enjoy this holiday season and have a very happy Christmas. 

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