Strategy To Get Better Leads and Higher Ranks

Every SEO expert wants to come up with top ranking for their websites and they never leave any stone unturned to maintain that position. This is the best strategy to promote your business through online marketing and it is very effective and profitable as well. Remember, just one click on your link will take its ranking one step ahead. But, you must know that even for an experienced SEO expert, taking the website ranking at the top is a very challenging task.

Top SEO Strategies to Increase Search Rankings in SERP

In order to attract a large number of visitors towards your website, it is essential to lead your website at the top in the presence of other competitors and for this, there are some specified techniques. Follow these smart SEO tips and boost your website’s ranking in order to drive more and more traffic with an improved visibility:

#1. Accelerate the Loading Speed of Website

Time is very important in today’s world as the one can search out a number of websites within a few seconds. Thus, as an SEO expert, it is your major responsibility to ensure the short loading time of your website. It is obvious that the audience will ignore that site which is slower as compared to the other one.

Even if your site is attractive and effective enough for the visitors, it’s ranking directly depends on the average loading time. So, just try to minimize the page loading time in order to engage the visitors with your website.

However, you can improve the loading speed of your website in many ways. You can remove all those undesired elements which maximize the overall loading time of your page. There are some tools and sections available on the web pages which are unused and are left unnoticed by the viewer and thus, excluding them is a better option to open your website in just a blink of the eye.

Your website should comprise only specific sidebars which are important to complete the structure of the website and try including only compressed files and images.

#2. Set Your Audience at the Top Priority

Ignoring your audience is like turning your valuable efforts and hard work towards the vain. In order to stay at the top ranking, one should focus on the audience and include the desired content in the site which is useful and attractive as well.

You can possibly raise the ranking of your site if you publish remarkable blogs and informative articles according to the visitor’s expectations and requirement from your site.

However, the keywords are considered as the best way to match the visitor’s search but it is not necessary that highlighting that specific keyword throughout the content will be swallowed or accepted by any of the readers.

Because a repeated keyword turns your content into a dull and monotonous passage and it can be neglected by the visitors and your website will definitely lose its position in the race of rankings.

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#3. Create Striking Title and Subheadings for Content

Title and headings are the life of any content as it is considered incomplete without both of them. Title attracts and signifies the complete content within the limited words and the subheading describes it on the other hand.

Thus, they both have extended significance in order to enhance the quality and uniqueness of your content. You must know that headings attract the most and a catchy heading will make the visitors read more on your post.

#4. Make External Links for Content of Your Site

Creating an external link is the smartest way to publicize your content through other sites because as the popularity of that site is increased, the online presence of your site will also go hand in hand. In this way, you can gain the interest of the most probable customers towards your business. By providing an external link to your content, you make a fresh chance to promote your website and take it to the higher level with improved ranking.

However, making an external link is considered useless and inappropriate but yes, it is not a fact because, with the help of an external link, you are going to connect with another reliable site for getting various inbound links in the queue. Therefore, your site’s SEO ranking will boost at the top.

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#5. Effective Meta Description to Catch the Viewer’s Eye

Talking about meta description, try to make it as much as bold and effective as you can. You must know that meta description is the major component that communicates with the viewer at once. It is completely based on the information of your page and that’s why it is essential and important as well. Just make a paragraph of 150-200 words related to your web pages and use different creative elements in order to make it attractive and interesting.

Also, you must recheck the meta description before publishing it because there may be an uncertainty of duplicity in it and it is not accepted by any search engine. Thus, your site will be kept on the back foot because of plagiarized meta description and its current ranking will also be degraded.

#6. Stay Connected to Social Media

Social media is an another platform to popularize your website and you can utilize it to come up with better SEO rankings. As a large number of visitors are shifted through various social media sites and they prefer to use them in daily life in order to stay informed, so, why can’t you use it for promoting your own page.

Most of the search engines will easily recognize your website if you have publicized it through different social sites and in this way your website’s ranking will be accelerated towards the top level.

Thus, improve the online presence of your website through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and get ready to drive more and more traffic towards your website.

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#7. Try Creating the URL as Simple as Possible

In the presence of several websites, how will you find the relevant site? Obviously through the web address. Every website and web page has its own URL i.e Uniform Resource Locator and the visitor uses it as a link in order to land on the desired page. Many SEO experts ignore the importance of URL and thus, remain unsatisfied with the ranking. URL is much more than just a web address because it acts as a path to take the user towards your site.

So, try to create the URL as simple as possible and make it more readable so that the visitor can easily mesmerize your website’s link while searching. However, you can balance the use of special characters, figures and hyphens in order to make the URL direct and easy. As you are able to get an appropriate URL for your website, you can also succeed in order to boost its ranking.

#8. Build Responsive Web Pages with Well-arranged Content

Visitors are mainly influenced by appealing and dynamic web pages as they judge the objectivity of your site through its quality. In other words, an outstanding website features well-structured landing pages with layouts, graphics, toolbars, etc and the user will automatically get swayed and tend to utilize your product or services.

In this way, the profit of your business will be improved through website and SEO ranking will also be upgraded at the top position. However, the compatibility of your site is the major factor behind its functionality and you must also try to create attractive landing pages using different plugins.

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#9. Find Tools to Analyze the Performance of Your Website

It is essential to check out the feedback of audience and get the resultant outcome of your SEO practices. Thus, there are many online software & website analyzer tools which can be used to determine the performance and functionality of your website and through them, you can also keep track on the activities and preferability of your web visitors.

This is the best way to know the actual effectivity and performance of your site on your own so that you can look forward to coming up with the improved SEO ranking of your website.

#10. Attractive and Well-defined Content

The web page is all about content and it is incomplete and dull even if you have added appropriate graphics and tools. Content is the life of your web page and considered as the way to communicate with the audience. However, the quality is required for the content because the boring content is not accepted by any of the visitors.

Create the content informative, effective, entertaining, creative and get ready to drive huge traffic towards your site. As an SEO expert, you have the motive to take your website’s ranking at the top and it can also be possible if you add fresh content on your site which can be relevant to the visitor as well.

Conclusion :

No one can afford low SEO ranking and it is very difficult to stay on the top, then what is an option for you? And the straight forward answer is to strategize. All these above tips are the best to be kept in mind while carrying out SEO practices and you will definitely pass with the top SEO ranking if you succeed to follow them properly.

Author Bio :

Ritu Singh is private label SEO reseller services provider and professional app store marketing strategist at BetterGraph – an ace 360-degree digital marketing agency. She has contributed to the modern SEO techniques with her innovative thinking and methodologies. In her leisure time, she focuses on writing blogs with fruitful information about recent SEO trends to keep the readers.