Flattering Haircuts for Round Faces

Round faced women are considered to be the cutest ones with their bubbly cheeks and petite features. It means that the measurement of their forehead, cheeks and jaw is similar. Generally, round faces are characterized by a softer jawline and equal dimensions. The widest part of the face is the middle and their face gets longer and extended near the chin.

If you are one of those round faced woman who is looking for a change in haircut, you are on the right track. Here, you can find a variety of short to long haircuts for round faces that are sure to bring out the best version of yourself.

Take a look at the best 15 haircuts for round faces.


1. Long Layers:

Long LayersFor those who have straight hair, long layer is one of the perfect options. The layers will start from just below the shoulder or you can cut it even shorter. This haircut will add volume in the lower part while balancing the width of  your face . Finally, it will make your face look all equal.

2. Angled Fringes:

Angled FringesFringes are back again and this time you can rock it in many different ways. There are different types starting from side swept to long fringes. The best type of fringes for round faces are angled fringes. The one with an arch above the eyes is the perfect one for your face shape.

3. Clear Bob:

Clear BobIf you have thick hair, you can go for this clear bob look. Clear bob looks cute and classy both at the same time. Try on either Ear or shoulder length hair, whichever suits you the best. Both of these will look good on your hair when you have a round face.

4. Voluminous Locks:

Voluminous LocksVoluminous locks are similar to short layers, you can either cut long layers or keep it in a round shape. This hairstyle will look the best when you go for a bumpy head with the front fringes. Moreover, you can spruce up this haircut by keeping your hair tied up and then opening it all while leaving home. It will create an extremely voluminous look.

5. Pixie:

PixieDo you have short hair ?

You can go for this pixie cut. You will look smart and trendy if  you can pull it off nicely. It is one of the best short haircuts for round faces. A pixie with diagonal bangs  definitely looks great for the round face.

6. Side Swept Fringes:

Side Swept FringesShort haircuts for round faces look stylish. If you are having a bob cut, just side swept your fringes and it will look gorgeous.It can cut down the maximum width of  your face and ear length and make your shoulder-length hair look fabulous.

7. Straightened Shag Medium Hairstyles:

Straightened Shag Medium HairstylesTo get the chicest appeal, try this shaggy style. Shaggy style functions and fashions at a time.  You will look fabulous with this amazing haircut which will make the shape of your face look oval while forming vertical lines.This style also looks good for the curly hairs. It will widen up your round face amazingly.

8. Flat Ironed Bobs:

Flat Ironed BobsStraight hair looks good on all the women. If you are looking for a change, you can try short haircut like bob. You can divide your hair in the side part or long side swept bangs when you have your ironed bobs. Either way, it will cover up both sides of your hair and give your hair a thinner look. You should definitely try this round shape haircut that will show off your trendsetting style.

9. A-Line Cut For Round Face:

A-Line Cut For Round FaceA-line cut is a classy yet asymmetrical haircut for round faced women. This simple bob haircut involves a great technique to lengthen your face. This A-line cut includes front locks of your hair which are longer than compared to the ones which are on the back side. These locks covering both ears will create an illusion of an oval face.

10. Short Hair With Layers:

Short Hair With LayersShorter haircuts for round faces can offer a cuter and slimming look. This haircut with layers can add length to your face when they are cut shorter. You should definitely try this hairstyle if you love shorter hairs and get the stylish yet classic look. You may also try out best curling iron for short hair. There are many celebrities you can look up to on the internet and get inspiration from the same,  if you are still confused.

11. Center-Parted Bedhead Style:

Center-Parted Bedhead StyleYou can start by dividing your hair into two partitions and  easily enjoy the center-parted bedhead style. It will cover up both sides of your cheeks while highlighting your jawline as well.

So, try out this hairstyle for those who like simple hairstyles.

12. Bangs For A Round Face:

Bangs For A Round FaceBangs for a round face is one of the best feminine features of a round face. You can get it cut in the most stylish way. Try out the middle or longer sides bangs for a round face. You can browse through the internet or take professional advice from your hair stylist for the type of bangs that will suit your round face and make it look much more gorgeous.

13. Mid Length Layers:

Mid Length LayersMid-length layers are the same as layers but shorter in length. You should certainly try this short haircut for round faces, if you don’t prefer length.

Chop down your hair in a shorter form if you have long hair or you can keep as it is. The mid-length layer is a definite hairstyle for your face type. Plus, it will give you a refreshing and carefree look.

14. Mixed Length Layers:

Mixed Length LayersEven if you have curly or straight hair, you can rock mixed length layers on both hair types. Mixed length layers haircut is easy to do.

The smallest layer is cut according to the size of the face and the longest layer can be cut parallel to below the shoulder. The first layer will start from the neck while giving it a nice sleek flow starting from the top of your head to moving downside. Thus, it gives a  voluminous texture to your hair.

15. Full Waves:

Full WavesJust like layers, full waves will give extra texture to your hair.  This hairstyle gives a voluminous and bouncy look to you whilst providing your hair a silky surface. You can try curling your roots in an alternative direction and give it more of a full wavy look. The curls in the full waves haircut tend to be in the outward direction, and soft waves which, when teased, tends to go for more vertical feel. Finally,  it create length.

Summing up:

These cuts will inspire you to find the perfect style to dazzle your round face. It is ensured that you will be turning heads when you pick any of the above haircuts. They are some of the most flattering ones for round faces.

What are you waiting for?

Choose these extraordinary haircuts without any ado.

Have fun ladies and get a makeover soon!

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