full length mirror

There are many places where homeowners can hang mirrors in the house; however, what could be the best place to derive maximum benefits from the small or full body mirrors. The Feng Shui approach has been guiding the experts and homeowners for centuries that emphasize the need to hang mirrors at most suitable places.

According to Feng Shui, the mirrors possess many unique abilities; it can not only double the area or space in the room but also reflect the ample amount of incoming energy to boost the warmth level.

The reflective power of large mirrors can provide a great advantage to the people living or visiting the house. Mirrors are best elements to decorate the surroundings.

Use Mirrors Carefully

Because of the many distinct advantages of mirrors, it is inevitable for homeowners and office personnel to include mirrors into their premises. However, the Feng Shui knowledge claims that mirrors should be used very carefully; sometimes, the reflection of the entire house can be reflected by the water or a pool outside the house, therefore, mirrors can be less effective in that place. In fact, water and mirror have the same reflective capabilities, but different characteristics and formation. Therefore, you cannot ignore the importance of hanging or placing a mirror in the right place. Water and mirror are not substituted of each other.

Let us discuss some great Feng Shui mirror tips and explore some simple rules as they relate to mirrors in each room. You will also learn some rules of Feng Shui and find out the most brilliant ways to place your charming mirrors. The article also provides the details of worst places where you can put your mirrors for least advantage.

#1. Dining Room Mirrors

The dining room has a wealth of spaces or area where you can place mirrors and increase the feel and aesthetics of the dream home. The dining room represents how elegant you are by choosing the style of the mirror to suit your needs and take care of beauty as well. The dining room holds the capacity to at least one large mirror in most homes. However, in small homes, the small sized mirrors can efficiently do the trick.

Therefore, the most suitable place for hanging or placing a mirror is dining room; it increases the ability of light to reflect in the whole room and also boosts the elegance of a place where food is served. Think of a dining room as a size of your wallet where you can put as much money according to the size. The dining room space determines the size of the mirror. However, confusing the dining room with the other areas in the house is not appropriate, the dining room has its own importance for holding one or two mirrors according to the homeowner’s desires.

#2. Be Careful with Mirrors Facing the Window in the Dining Room

Although the best place according to Feng Shui to place a full body mirror in the dining room; the experts also reveal that placing the mirror in the dining room needs some planning and careful attention. This is because the mirror has the capability of bringing anything from the outside to the inside of your house. The Feng Shui expert Gayle Smith reveals that placing a mirror in the dining room reflects the good and bad images from the outside. That is not bad if you can get the visual effect of a lovely garden in the dining room from the outside, however, placing a large mirror in front of the window is not recommended by Feng Shui experts if there is any kind of bad vibes reflect into the room. There is nothing worse than bringing negative energies inside the room via the mirror. Of course, the experts are referring to objects and things like electric poles, wires, pipes, and other elements. Some psychologists also argue that mirror can play a negative role in attracting scandals to your house. Your life can complicate with using mirrors at the wrong places. For example, any sort of water features on the outside such as a lake right outside your house or a big fountain can drive the negative energies.

#3. Why Kitchen is Less Suitable for mirror Placing

According to Feng Shui experts, the kitchen has negative feng shui energy that makes it not so attractive or appropriate to hang a body mirror. the Feng Shui experts do not adore mirrors in the home kitchen because the kitchen can have many negative energies, therefore, if mirrors are capable of doubling the positive energies, they might as well double the negative energies in the kitchen. The Feng Shui is a knowledge that is based on pure spiritual teachings and it can determine the lucky and unlucky places to place a mirror. If the kitchen in your home is a lucky area, then the mirrors can attract the positive energies. On the other hand, if the kitchen is a negative or unlucky area, the mirror in your dream kitchen can amplify negative energies along with the positive ones.

The cooking activities according to Feng Shui also hold some negative energies. The mirrors can make your unlucky area more negative. the fact is that a mirror facing the stove can also contribute to having bad energies in the kitchen. Kitchen stoves bring extremely negative energies of fire; this not only applies to a smaller stove but also to larger cooking ranges. The stoves are often powered or made functional through the gas or electricity. All of them bring energy into the kitchen in the form of light and heat. When you use the mirror in the kitchen that directly faces a stove, the yang energies and fire would definitely increase. Therefore, the balance of negative and positive energies in the house can be disturbed. The homeowners may feel that there is something not right in the house.

The experts have been trying to find the best way to place a mirror in the kitchen. Many Feng Shui knowledge is available that reveals that a mirror facing the back of a door in the kitchen is not suitable. One reason for that problem is that the cooking person will know who is entering the room but it will also distract them from the cooking process. The Feng Shui suggestions are for the improvement of your home décor and effectiveness of mirrors; however, they are not hard and rigid rules that you can follow to include mirrors in the kitchen. The tip seems practical however to suit the homeowner’s needs. Especially, people who work as cooks in the restaurants and hotels can use the mirrors in the kitchen to get a good view of waiters and who is entering the kitchen.

#4. Restroom and Bathroom Tips

The Feng Shui experts also recommend that the owners should remove the mirrors that face the bathroom doors. The fact is that the bathroom is supposed to have negative energy because of human wasteful activity. When the mirror will face a bathroom, the negative energy will have a chance to grow and also will spread to other places outside the bathroom that can make the whole house negative. Therefore, the knowledge of Feng Shui can help people to understand that using mirrors in your room to reflect the negative energies in your bathroom can be uncomfortable for most people. You can put mirrors at other places in your home to help the places glow and disperse ample light. Therefore, a mirror facing the toilet is a bad idea which amplifies the negative energy and creates problems for your family. If a mirror faces a toilet directly, it certainly disperses that negative energy. Moreover, a mirror that faces the toilet can make the people feel weird in your home. It is a horrible Feng Shui practice to put a mirror where it reflects the negative vibes from the toilet,

#5. Feng Shui Tips for Bedroom Mirrors Placement

In modern bedrooms, mirrors can quite complex and beautiful. Putting a body mirror in the bedroom to enhance your image is not a negative action; indeed it is a good thing to benefit from the mirrors in the bedroom. But the Feng Shui experts also claim that putting a mirror right in front of a bed or sleeping mattress can cause psychological problems for the family members. Why is that so? The experts reveal that a mirror facing the bed can cause nightmares or bad dreams in the night. Others reveal that a mirror facing the bed can also bring problems into your relationship with your intimate partner. A bedroom is a place for fruitful relationships and soul-searching, however, a mirror in front of the bed is a soul-stealing element to drive the negative energy into your life.

In the apartments or small houses, the mirrors can be usually placed on the sliding doors that help people to enter the bedroom. But the mirrors often face the bed; which is why Feng Shui provides the useful master tips to the homeowners to avoid negative energies into the bedroom.