Marketing strategy holds the most important role in today’s business competition. 2019 is strict business competition. So, having a good strategy for promoting your business and product is a good thing. Last year, maybe using social media is enough for your marketing plan. But, this year, you need more than just that. Moreover, you also need to improve almost every aspect of your marketing strategy. So, what can you do to be able to get that? Let’s take a look.

#1. The Advertising Trends

The first thing you need to do is paying attention to the advertising trend in 2019. Social media is still the best platform where you can promote your business. However, how you present the content and how you connect to your target market, changes really fast. Therefore, make sure you pay attention to this change. Then, you can adjust and adapt your strategy to match this trend.

#2. Give More than What Customer Expected

Why? The answer is simple. It is the fierce competition today. If you can’t make your marketing campaign stand out among other companies and your competitor, you won’t be able to produce the result. So, you need to do more than customer expectation. And, if you plan to use social media, you need to surpass that standard even more.

Social media is the most effective media for business promotion today. Expecting many companies use it for promotion is a wise move. It means you have more competitors to beat. So, give more than what your target think, and you are fine in 2019.

#3. The Leads

The most important thing in today’s marketing strategy is bringing in more leads. More leads mean your message will be spread even wider and further. Therefore, you will have more chance to attract more people to become your customer.

#4. Video Content for Social Media Marketing

In the past, maybe watching online video was only a dream. But, with today’s internet technology, watching online streaming in the best format is a common thing. Therefore, do not miss this chance. Create video content for your marketing campaign.

Video content can provide more message than simple text. Moreover, you also can make it more interesting, by adding many artistic touches or even humor in it. If you are lucky, your video content marketing can become viral. More people usually spread this viral content. So, you also can save your money and time to add more range to your marketing plan.

#5. Optimize Your Email Marketing

The marketing method you can use isn’t only social media marketing. Email marketing is also one of the best methods to keep your customer loyal to you. However, in order to get that result, you can’t just send them a standard newsletter. You need to be more creative with your email marketing content and service.

For example, you can send the promotion offer or code (if you run an online store) to your subscribers. That will keep them happy and stay with you for a longer period of time. The other method you can use is using the post-purchase email.

Basically, post-purchase email is email marketing content that you send after your customer makes a purchase. It isn’t only an email to say thank you to them. However, you also can inform and offer them the product or service that relate to the product or service they were bought before. This will increase the chance for another transaction and keep customer loyalty.

#6. Improve Your SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is the most important part of your business marketing strategy. People use the internet a lot. We can even say that the internet is an important part of modern people’s life. A good SEO strategy helps you to get more customers easily. But, that’s not enough.

When we are talking about SEO, mostly, people think about how to put the correct keyword in your content. That’s wrong. In order to increase the result from this strategy, you also need to create content that can connect your service and the customer/target customer. The easiest way to say it is you must create useful content for your customer.


Following all the tips we explained above will give you, at least, a boost to reach your goal ahead of your competitor. You also need creativity, instinct, skill, and knowledge to read and know the market condition, in order to create a good marketing strategy. Combine all of them and you can expect a perfect result at the end of the day.