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The key to success in life is eliminating bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Several individuals all over the world are struggling with how to change their health habits. It is very easy to develop a bad habit but getting rid of it may require a lot of effort. You need an approach that is highly inspirational if you want to easily change habits that have health benefits.

Following a strict dietary plan may be quite demotivating. It is more meaningful if the approach you take comes with a lot of fun. Some things may sound crazy but end up being beneficial to your overall well-being.

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7 Proven Ways to Change Your Health Habits

 #1. Introduce Dancing to Your Program

Introduce Dancing to Your ProgramOne of the worst health habits that are evident in most individuals is eating junk food and exercising less. Workouts play a critical role in eliminating excess fats from the body system. Most people don’t like following a strict exercise program such as going to a gym or running. You can substitute this by dancing to your favorite lyrics. Most people may see it as crazy, but you will be achieving your health goals of burning extra calories.

Dance even if it means to the point of sweating. You will not only be enjoying the song but also subjecting your body system to some exercises. You can decide to form a dancing group with some of the best dancers in your region or join an existing dancing crew.

Make it a habit to have some crazy dances on a daily basis. Use the entire body until you feel like dancing no more. This approach will assist you to break the habit of poor exercising with a lot of fun. Lose Weight by Dancing is indeed an insane inspirational way of changing your health habits.

#2. Write Health Goals on the Wall in Bedroom

health goals on the wallA bedroom is a strategic place in your house because you start and end your day there. You can make a decent post about your health goals and their benefits and hang them in a strategic place in your bedroom. For example, if you want to stop consuming junk food, you may write things like no more of junk food. Such wall writing will serve as a reminder every morning and evening. Changing a habit needs constant reminder and hanging on the wall will serve the purpose very well.

In the morning, you will remind yourself how you need to carry out yourself during the day. In the evening, you will be evaluating yourself whether you broke the promise or achieved your expectations. Bad behaviors are highly addictive, and you may find yourself repeating them unconsciously.

Instead of regretting after you have done it again, you may choose to remind yourself now and then. You can decorate your wall hanging with your favorite colors to catch your attention. Make sure it is something that is highly attractive to the eyes.

#3. Choose a Perfect over Your Health Life

Choose a Perfect over Your Health LifeChoosing someone who can closely monitor your behavior and rebuke you when you go wrong is critical if you want to change your health habits. Allow the hotel attendant to deny you the chance of eating your favorite junk food. You can talk to your spouse and tell him to make sure you are awake for exercises every morning.

Give the person the ability to instill some discipline in you, however, painful it may seem. Having someone to watch over you is critical if you want to change your health behavior. Let it be a person who is always around you whenever the behavior manifests itself. Such checks and balances may seem insane, but they go a long way in shaping your health habits.

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#4. Speak to Yourself Softly on a Daily Basis

Speak to Yourself Softly on a Daily BasisThere is nothing that is more powerful that talking to yourself in a soft voice. In the morning, make sure you talk to yourself and listen to what you are saying. State the benefits of the behavior change and take enough time to hear what you are saying. Someone watching you may think you are mad, but this should not discourage you. You should begin by paying attention to what comes from within before you can appreciate what you get from outside.

Speak these words while in the bathroom, kitchen, on the way and as you continue with your daily chores. You will discover that the desire to change your health behavior will become part of you and there will be no more struggles.

#5. Record your Health Goals in a Video

The advantage of modern technology is that you can use your smartphone to record a video. Make an awesome clip on your intended habit change and watch it on a daily basis. The advantage is that it will cost you no extra cent if you are using your smartphone. The phone will always be with you if you feel like watching the clip.

You can always go back to the video anytime you feel like going back to the bad behavior. You will discover that your personal video is more powerful than that of another author. You will see the sense of refusing to bow to the pressure of reverting to the old behavior.

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#6. Create a Song or Poem for Your Goals

You don’t have to be an artist for you to create a song or poem. In fact, singing out of key adds humor to your presentation. Create a beautiful song or poem that has the theme of your intended behavioral change. Make sure you sing the song or recite the melody as you continue with your daily chores.

You can make it an anthem and be doing it every morning before you begin the day and at night as you retire to bed. It can be more meaningful if you include some actions to your performance. You should not bother so much with the tone of your voice since you are not preparing for auditions.

#7. Talk to a Child

talk to a childA word that comes from the word of a child can be more meaningful than that of an adult. The advantage of children is that they rarely forget. Talk to a child and let them remind you whenever you are going back to the old behavior. The truth of the matter is that you will not want to annoy such your creatures once they talk to you.

Sometimes children are more responsible than adults when it comes to shaping behavior. After going through this article, you now have enough tips on insane ways to change your health habits. Begin from anywhere, and you will shape your behavior within a very short period.

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