11 Inspiring Ideas for Your Morning Ritual

Ancient philosophies have always stressed on the powerful effects of mornings on every aspect of our lives. The Advaita philosophy for example, says that mornings have special qualities which include peace and enlightenment of nature.

Therefore, you can take advantage of this time to connect with your inner self by practicing meditation and set positive intentions for the day.

Creating meaningful morning rituals will impact your life positively and you will view the world with a purposeful intent while feeling both calm and relaxed.

You can incorporate the following ideas for your morning routine and watch how positive your world becomes.

Ideas to Build Your Perfect Morning Routine

#1.Choose Positive and Happy Thoughts First Thing in the Morning

Take a deep breath and consciously choose a thought that will give you positive vibes. Avoid automatic planning and worrying for the day ahead.

You can start off by saying a prayer and setting good intentions for the day. For example, you can say, “How can I be of value today? How can I make someone smile today?” and then embark on doing something of that nature throughout the day.

#2. Read Inspirational and Positive Quotes

positive quoteAre you aware that writing or reading positive quotes will automatically have a positive impact on your mood? Reading such quotes will make you feel lighter and give you calm and peace of mind.

Furthermore, inspirational and motivational quotes and books will be constant reminders of the values you want to live by in life.

#3. Do Exercise and Perform Yoga

yoga and exerciseThere is nothing better than moving your body and feeling energized early in the morning. Basic yoga stretches will give your body an instant energy boost and you will be ready to take on the day with full potential.

Moreover, the regularity of morning exercise and yoga will pump up your metabolism and you will feel energized and burn calories all day. Additionally, you will not have to worry about not having enough time for exercise if you stick to a morning workout routine.

#4. Take Enough Vitamin Supplements

vitaminTaking multivitamins on a daily basis will provide several health benefits for you.  Some of these benefits include a stronger immune system, good heart and vascular health, stronger bones, among others.

Furthermore, taking vitamins in the morning will give your body the much-needed boost that it requires to kick start the day.

#5. Practice Meditation for at least 5 Minutes Daily

meditationMeditation is all about blocking out every kind of distraction and maintaining focus on a single thing such as breathing.

The benefits of meditation cannot be underestimated. Among the benefits of this morning ritual includes inner peace, more creativity, better focus, lesser stress, among others.

Taking out just 5 minutes daily to practice meditation will do wonders for your life as mentioned above. Interestingly, you don’t need any special equipment to practice it. Just sitting on a bed or home carpet in a meditation pose will be enough.

#6. Create a list with Your Most Important Tasks

It is of paramount importance to make a list of things that are bound to have a major impact on your life. These things should be formulated in a pointwise list is known as “the most important tasks list” and should be given priority before all other tasks.

Use the morning to come up with one such list so as to avoid procrastination when it comes to completing them.

#7. Join an Online Support Group

Find an online forum which is in tune with your long term goals and spend some time every morning interacting with members of that group. By doing so, you will be able to reap a number of benefits among which include connecting with like-minded peers, tracking your progress, and being held accountable. Such groups may include weight loss or small businesses online communities.

#8. Read a Chapter from Your Favorite Book or Blogread

A great way to kick start your day is by reading a page or two from your favorite book or blog. Because you will natural care about what you read you will have great points to talk about and reflect on throughout the day, especially if it’s something that captures your interest.

This turn will make you more alert throughout the day.

#9. Recite Positive Affirmations

Sometimes you have to look at yourself and the mirror and reassure yourself that you are capable of taking the world by storm. This is a good exercise in ensuring that your self-esteem does not dwindle and you are able to block away from all kinds of negative thoughts.

For example, you can say the following to yourself “Yes I can make it, I am a generous and loving person”, “This presentation will be great”, “I am a winner” etc.

Standing tall in the mirror and saying such phrases to yourself will give you the inner confidence and power that you require to perform those tasks that scare you the most. You can then go ahead and seize the world with your confidence.

#10. Send an Encouraging Text to your Loved Ones

Many times, you will feel better only if you do something good for someone. Even something like sending a simple text message to those you care about is enough to give you positive vibes throughout the day.

So why not start the day by texting words of encouragement to your significant other or loved ones? This will surely give them a sense of belonging and love and will also boost your relationship with them.

#11. Dance to a Jam Session

Why not start the mornings by dancing to your favorite songs? Not only will it give you the energy to start the day on a positive note, it will also boost your mood and keep you happy throughout the day.

In conclusion, the hardest part of starting a morning routine is getting started. You have to be consistent in order to incorporate the above habits in your morning ritual.

Now it’s your turn, let us know which morning routines you follow and which ones work best for you.