Renting a House

Often, financial specialists say that purchasing a home is more economical compared to renting. Still, renting remains a popular choice among many people. While everybody would prefer buying a home, lack of sufficient money to make a down payment on a potential home is one of the reasons many people choose to rent.

Whether you are a resident or are visiting for a couple of days, there are lots of apartments for rent in Vienna. Finding the ideal rental home that meets your needs can be an arduous task especially for foreigners. There are various things you need to know before finally renting a house in Vienna to ease the process as seen below.

Time Frame

How long do you intend to stay? Has the landlord given you a contract to show when they will need the house back? Renting a home hardly provides an unlimited agreement as is the case with an apartment. While apartments are developed for rental purposes with owners aiming at earning their return on investment, homeowners often rent their homes if they are unable to afford the mortgage payments.

Sometimes they will be forced to move out of the house and rent it out as they search for a potential buyer. As a homeowner, it’s important to sign a lease agreement for a specific time frame. However, assuming you find a buyer during the lease period, you may need to find a new home to live in. If your contract in a short term living agreement, you could negotiate your stay until the time elapses.

Maintenance Costs

If you rent a house, chances are you will have a yard. While this can be exciting, it can come with an extra cost especially if you’ll be responsible for tending the lawn and taking care of landscaping. The landlord could task you with trimming the bushes, mowing the grass, or even weeding the gardens. While many people enjoy gardening and generally working at the yard, you may want to have those responsibilities listed down in the lease agreement. You should understand your responsibilities as a tenant according to your lease.

Are Pets Allowed?

More people today love pets so much so that it’s not surprising to see pets around apartments. If you have pets, discuss the same with your landlord. Let them know you have a pet in a bid to establish potential fees and restrictions.

Read Your Contract

Many disputes that arise between tenants and landlords do so due to misunderstandings. To avoid this, you want to read your contract word for word and try to understand everything. You may consult the landlord for clarification.


Renting a house can be beneficial both to the tenant and the landlord. However, you as the tenant should read and understand your agreement before signing it to avoid disagreements in the future.