fortnite game

Fornite is an extremely popular choice for gamers around the globe. The excitement of the game consists of a large army of the player being dropped onto a virtual island where the player will need to search for ammunition and loot all while players must take each other out until only one victorious player is left. However, the virtual realm of Fornite can result in plenty of embarrassing moments for players as mistakes can take place relatively easily, especially if you are not all too clued up on the game.

While it is a great idea to establish the best Fortnite settings before embarking on the thrills of the game, here are the top 5 mistakes that you should try to enjoy while playing Fortnite.

#1. Rather Don’t Run Towards A Big Town

A big mistake that many players are quite prone to make in the game is the ill decision to head towards a big town where you will most certainly meet your early death in the game. Big cities are extremely unsafe for players and possibly one of the worst strategies is to jump off the Battle Bus too early or to fly towards the unsafe situation. A much better strategy would be to wait until the bus has reached near the end of the map and climb off somewhere fairly safe. Your chances of survival will at least be notable the further away from big cities, the better. However, once you have a few decent weapons and significant building materials available, your chances of survival will be a lot better, but until that point, it is a much wiser decision to rather avoid people at all costs.

#2. Forgetting To Properly Equipt Yourself

If you manage to make it to the middle of the game without proper weapons and ammo, it is extremely unlikely that you will last very long. From the second you have landed, you should already have something of a strategy planned to start collecting weapons and ammunition. Luckily, the longer you play, the easier it will be to remember great locations that will offer an easier path in the game. Making sure that you are properly equipt from the start will reduce the chances of an embarrassing end to the game. It is not uncommon for players to assume they do not need to stock up on ammo and opt to neglect even looking for ammo boxes.

#3. Neglecting To Collect Building Materials

It is also extremely common for players to assume that building materials are not all that important too. This could be because building materials such as metal, wood, and bricks are just not nearly as exciting or appealing as rocket launchers and other awesome weapons. However, underestimating the importance of building materials will surely result in utter disaster later on when fort-building is the task at hand. It is a great strategy to collect all the ammo and weapons that you will need and then move on and focus on collecting adequate building materials of roughly 200 of each material to ensure you have everything that you need to prevent an embarrassing failure later on.

#4. Not Paying Attention To The Landscape

When playing Fornite, the best plan of action is to stick to higher ground and ensure that you have something that you can either shield yourself with or hide behind as this will give you a notable advantage. It is a great idea to take in the landscape of the game and use every aspect to your advantages, such as noting the trees and any form of protection that it may offer. While there are quite a few potions and added extras that you can pick up along the way, the landscape will already offer the ultimate protection to help you sneak up on your enemies, you will just need to pay attention.

#5. Running Away From Battles

Surprisingly, it is actually possible to win a game of Fortnite without using any weapons, although, it is somewhat unlikely. Opting to spend the whole game just running and hiding also seems to be avoiding most of the fun of the game anyway. When you reach the middle part of the game, it is best to take out every enemy that hosts a minimal risk to yourself, even if its someone running past you as it will be one less person that you would have to deal with later on. This will make things significantly easier towards the end of the game.

Why You Should Always Use The Right Weapon

Another big mistake players make is using the wrong weapon at the wrong time. Even though the assault rifle is relatively versatile, it is really not the only available option. If you plan on winning the game, you should ensure that you are using the right weapon for the specific situation to ensure that each shot makes the most ideal impact. It would be ridiculously embarrassing to use a shotgun to try to eliminate enemies that are hiding in a barricade when explosives would be much more effective.