Perth is an awesome city on the western coast of Australia. It offers significant amenities that any capital should have. For instance, social facilities, business premise, the best institutions, and excellent tourist attractions.

If you are looking for a nice place to live, you should consider Perth. However, recently, experts say that there is a current downturn in the property market. Realtors have a lot to say about the current condition; both positive and negative.

For people who want to understand more of this falling property market, here are four things experts say about its property market.

#1. There is a high chance of recovery

Many areas of Australia are experiencing this fall in the property market. However, experts say that Perth shows signs of improvement.

When you look back into the history books, you should realize that this is not the first time it is happening in this area. However, we should note that this may turn out to be the longest time ever to last.

The government is working extra hard to ensure that they add extra resources to the Australian capital. In essence, it will bring people, especially those that are looking for job opportunities.

#2. Lenders will be strict on borrowers

A falling property market means that lenders will have strict guidelines while considering lending anyone.

Most banks want the assurance that they will get their money back. For that reason, they will look into your bank statements, and your income to ensure that they will get their money back. Another thing we should expect high interest rates, which mean few people will go for mortgage loans.

By the way, if you want the assurance of getting the loan, buyers should start planning their finances early enough. Note also that mortgage lenders have clear criteria on how one should get money for the deposit.

#3. Expect prices to increase

The market fall is a significant contributor to the decrease in cost and tightening of credit conditions within this period.

However, the parties involved should expect a rise in house prices. As the government continues to improve the capital, you are sure that people will start to flow into the city like never before. It will increase demand for housing, which means that proprietors may have to raise prices.

If you are looking forward to getting into the property market, investors should begin to get

into the market before price hikes.

#4. State of the rental market

With increased population growth, proprietors should expect an increase in the rental space as we come to the end of the period.

During this period, statistics show that with the increase of resources within the area, it does not only attract people, it also brings in investors. Therefore, it puts a need for apartments in this neighborhood, which mean that the rental market should improve.

You should note that the rental sector is vital to the property market since it determines the direction the market will take.


As you look for a property within Perth, you should learn to look for value. is a company that helps you to evaluate property; hence, you make an informed choice while investing it.