Let’s face it, if you are in your teens or even up to your early 40’s, chances are you have your own Instagram account, and you have posted at least 10 photos in the last month. Instagram is not only a big hit to millennials but to everybody who owns a smartphone.

A social networking site that allows its users to post and share photos and videos, it is the 2nd biggest platform but 1st in growth per quarter. IG affiliate marketing is popular now a days.

So, we know the stats, so what? Well, if you are an entrepreneur of today, you will understand that social media sites are great platforms to promote your up and coming business with less the cost but twice the reach. More followers mean more likes, which translates, to clients and business. Let me share with you some sure hits for those automatic Instagram likes to boost your page and business.

#1. Eye-catching posts.

If you want to generate likes, you have to post likable photos. High-quality photos and videos catch the attention of subscribers and potential clients. Varying posts are also a big hit to followers as monotonous and similar posts may become boring and repetitive.

Instagram has built-in filter options, and a little tweak here and there gives off a big boost to an otherwise boring photo.

#2. Caption it.

A good photo or video is only half the success of getting those million likes and followers. You must also put catchy and interesting captions to match. Some prefer witty one-liners, while others love to read extended captions that tell the likers the whole story behind the post. Another good idea for a caption is posting a question. Interesting questions such as “What do you think is the only thing missing in this photo?” when you post a picture of a beautiful view of the beach on a summer morning will generate answers and subscribers in no time. Followers also like interaction and engaging with them will leave your followers waiting for your next posts.

#3. Use your hashtags.

Okay people, if you really want to reach followers from the other side of the continent or even the world, I give you one tip. Hashtags. But I warn you, using hashtags can be addicting, so please learn to control yourself. Otherwise, you will just irritate users and if you’re unlucky even Instagram. Hashtags help you showcase your product or business to a larger and more targeted subscriber pool. Chances of enticing users to follow you increases significantly with properly placed hashtags.

#4. Post consistently but know when to.

Posting consistently is like indirectly telling your followers not to forget you. So, make it a habit to post on your account but also know when the right timing is. Usually during lunch break at 12:00 noon to 1:00pm, people pass the time by checking on their social media accounts. So, take advantage of this hour and make your posts count.

Instagram is a leading social media platform with around 500 million daily active users. When such a huge amount of population is there, you can’t wait to reach them. So, get the likes as much as you can and reach to your targeted audiences.