Partner Visa in Australia

Before applying for a partner visa in Australia there are a number of factors you need to consider. These factors help in preventing rushed decisions that most people undergo when applying for their partner visa. Here are some of the things you need to know:


Be prepared to spend a lot of time obtaining a partner visa. You will have to wait for a long period of time before you get to own that much-coveted partner’s visa. Fortunately, the immigration department is trying its best to ensure the application for this important document is efficient. The long waits experienced before are expected to come to an end in the future. This comes as good news to those willing to acquire partner visas in a quick time frame.

Duration of the relationship

It will be better if you confirm that your relationship is long-term and genuine. These considerations really help to evade instances where one of the spouses has to regret acquiring a partner visa. Be sure your partner will stay committed to you before you embark on filing out a partner visa application.

Very expensive

You have to be willing to spend a small fortune on this type of visa. In the past four years, the fees attached to the partner visa have been on the rise. Before applying you need to have allocated enough funds that will ensure you cover all the quoted fees without any problem. There are a range of things you need to pay for while applying, so an applicant needs to be financially stable before deciding to acquire a partner’s visa.

De factor engagements need to be genuine

In case you live together with your loved one, you have to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that your relationship is genuine. The migration agent and other related officials will want to confirm that this is the case. Your behavior and character together should reveal acts of genuine love and not a forced relationship.

In this same regard, one can have this relationship registered to the authorized agency. This just improves the chances of getting the partner visa. Also, it will help in confirming to the relevant authorities that indeed this engagement is very genuine. Once given the chance to apply for the visa, ensure you follow all the set guidelines and meet all requirements.


Application for a partner visa is not a walk in the park. It requires a good amount of cash, evidence of a genuine relationship and time. Therefore, one has to be prepared to deal with those three things if you are going to be successful with your partner Visa application.