With increasing emotional problems and difficulties in dealing with interpersonal conflicts, there is one very simple gesture which one can always give in order to make someone’s day. Giving compliments can always bring a positive outlook to the one who has received the compliment, both regarding you as well as themselves. Also, it will make you feel good about yourself.

But compliments should be given in such a way so that the other person accepts the compliment in a graceful manner. In this article, we have come up with certain tips on how one should give compliments to other and how one should accept the compliments given by others which can be described below:

How to give a compliment?

  1. It is always much simpler to give a compliment rather than receiving it from others. One of the easiest ways to compliment someone is to convey the person whatever positive comes to your mind regarding that person. And you will notice that there are always certain compliments which will come to your mind whenever you think of it and there would be things that you have never told the other person verbally.
  2. The golden mantra of giving a compliment to someone is that your sayings should be truthful and you wholehearted. Sincerity should not be compromised.
  3. You must be specific whenever you are telling something about the other person. You can exactly mention your liking about that particular person. For example, complimenting someone like “I really like the way you control your anger in situations that annoy you.”
  4. It is always better to be creative while complimenting someone. For instance, rather than complimenting someone regarding very obvious thing, you must compliment the other person in such a way which can make them happier like complimenting your dance trainer about her looks rather than expressing your liking about her flexibility.
  5. Delivery time of compliments play a very important role and it completely depends on the timings and appropriateness of the situation. For example, if your friend has cooked something delicious for you, then it would be better to give her compliment there and then, rather than mentioning it someday later.
  6. You can also maintain a diary consisting of different compliments and it is a wise saying that if you write something, that thing will remain longer. You can always compliment the people by sending those greeting cards and emails.

How to accept compliments gracefully?

There are some methods that have been listed that can help you in receiving compliments in a better way which are mentioned below:

  1. You must always make a thorough assessment of your self esteem. You should always examine the reason why you are feeling in a certain way. For instance, if someone has given you a compliment which seems unusual to you and you do not feel good after receiving a compliment, ten you should know the reason behind it. You should keep on reminding yourself that you deserve respect and love from others. You should surround yourself with those people who motivate you to reach towards your goals and bring out the best in you.
  2. Also keep a note about the feelings of other people. You should always think about the other person who has given you compliments. You should always reply thank you for the compliment or any other gesture must be shown to let others know that it is a gift for you to receive a compliment from them. Express gratitude towards them.
  3. We have got a short life, so do not miss a chance to express your feelings for others. You should always describe the way a particular compliment has affected you in a positive way.
  4. Receiving compliments can sometimes be very challenging. There are certain physiological reactions that occur in response to receiving compliments. Try to maintain eye contact with the person who is giving compliments to you and smile at them. You will notice that you become even happier and content from inside.


Giving and receiving compliments always enhances your day in a much effective ways. It has been psychologically proven that giving compliments can improve the emotional disturbances in one’s life and make them more positive about themselves and their surroundings. Showing gratitude is a very effective way and can be used as a therapy for those individuals who have a negative outlook about lives.