Escape Rooms

A game that challenges your mental ability by putting you in extremely tricky situations that you have to escape within a given time limit, along with offering a great deal of fun has grown to become a worldwide sensation.

Yes, you guessed it correctly. We are talking about escape rooms!

Escape rooms are known to offer tremendous experiences to its players. The thrill and adventure that you come across in these escape rooms often induce a dopamine rush in your body due to its exciting challenges and tasks.

These escape rooms are extensively loved by people at the birthday party as they can be played by individuals of any age group even at. Be it a young teenager or a fully grownup adult, it’s a guarantee that playing these escape games would add a prodigiously exhilarating experience to your lifetime.

What is an escape room?

An escape room, just as the name suggests, is an enclosed room in which the players are required to complete certain tasks in order to break free from the ties of that room. All this has to be done within a limited time slot.

Escape rooms can be played by a pair of two individuals or even along with an entire team, consisting of your friends, family, or anyone that you wanted to spend adventurous time with.

The basic idea of an escape room revolves around locking up a group of individuals in a specifically themed room, consisting of confusing puzzles, mind-boggling mysteries, baffling clues, etc. Once inside, you and your partners would have to put your brains together and beat the ticking clock by solving the mysteries and escaping this bewildering room.

Escape rooms are uniquely crafted with the motive of giving the player an entirely different experience. They introduce them to an enchanting environment with the help of numerous mysterious illusions.

Here is a list of a few fun facts about escape rooms that we are sure you must have not heard of before –

1)Escape rooms trigger your happy hormones.  

Just imagine, the sense of achievement you will feel after successfully completing and escaping from an immensely toilsome escape room. Seems extremely fun, right? Well, we’d love to tell you that, this is exactly what happens.

The distinctively designed escape rooms are architected in a way to captivate your mind so that you are completely immersed in solving its mysteries. Thus, each successful step will increase that adrenaline in your body and your emotions would simply burst into happiness.

2) You will have a blast with your best buddies  

We all know that even the most boring activities become such fun experiences when we are with our tribe.

Don’t you think solving mysteries, decoding puzzles, and just the overall experience of escaping from these rooms can be an enormously enthralling encounter for all your friends?

Not only you will receive an exceptional amount of amusement, but you are also bound to get through the tricky scenarios quickly because combined brainpower helps in achieving the target on time. Therefore, if you have a group of friends who are looking for a joyous activity, then you should book your nearest escape room right now.

3) Corporation and collaboration is the secret 

The chances of you winning these escape room games double when you and your team decide to co-ordinate with each other. Escape rooms require you to do some serious brainstorming. Therefore if you choose to take along with you a mix of people who are knowledgeable in various fields, then your chances of winning would be higher.

The situations that escape room puts you in, often tend to arise some or the other arguments due to the pressure on teammates. So if your team decides to be calm beforehand and put their best foot forward, they can easily defeat the escape room strategies and all of you can enjoy the winner tag with ease.

4) You can actually find the hidden treasure  

Escape room brands offer multiple theme scenarios which is each crafted with a unique storyline behind it. They are created in such a way that you will have a lot of fun, one way or the other.

Whether it’s a weekend with friends, a date night with your crush, a family gathering, or just a regular exercise to brush up your teamwork skills with your staff, escape rooms can easily be defeated if you guys smartly work along with each other.

When you put 2 and 2 together on time, no one can stop you from grabbing that treasure box waiting to be found underneath the earth’s surface.

5) Game masters are you pals 

Game masters are there to guide you throughout the game. Many players have asked the game master for some hints in the past, but when they were unable to solve it, they just simply moved on to the other clues in the game. Well, we would not advise you the same because the game Masters are totally on your side. It is their duty to help you out through the game. Therefore, their clues hold some serious importance. So whenever you ask for a clue from the game master, make sure to solve it out or work in its direction.

In this way, you will get two steps closer to victory every time.

Final thoughts  

There is no doubt that escape rooms are admired by individuals around the globe. Innumerable people have played these escape room games and many of them have even won them.

After carefully going through tons of reviews and analyzing the player’s experiences, we have come up with the above article for you, with the motive of providing the best and appropriate information possible.

While the ambiance and grueling riddles of an escape room can be overwhelming for a lot of players, one can easily solve them and come out a champion. Nonetheless, even if you happen to lose an escape room game, there wouldn’t be a chance that you would regret going for it because they offer a quirky pleasurable experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

If you are still wondering what to do, we would highly recommend you to just go for it and seize the opportunity of experiencing the euphoric atmosphere of the escape room game.