The Esteemed Literary Journey for all the Writing Lovers

Do you know about an International Essay Writing Competition that gives opportunities to budding writers and enthusiasts of all age groups free of charge? Well if you didn’t know about any such competition up till now then it’s high time you get to know about Monomousumi Services and the plethora of opportunities they offer to the readers.

The journey has now reached a milestone of three years and in all these years Monomousumi

Services have tried to provide a platform to enthusiasts who want to showcase their talent and improve on their skills. 

The most popular and longest-running competition has been the International Essay Writing Competition that found the support of so many people worldwide. The competition being free of charge, gave the incentive to people to showcase their writing skills and the website was determined to provide an opportunity to people around the globe. We live in a global community and talent cannot be restricted by boundaries and borders.

The tagline of the website itself broadcasts its motive “Where the mind dominates” and this is a place where the mind dominates in creativity and indulges in writing. The voyage that commenced 3 years back has garnered the support of various writers, sponsors, and like-minded people who have made this walk a success. Monomousumi Services provides a chance for people to display their writings, ideas, and thoughts to the world. The shy writer that lurks in the corner of nearly everyone’s heart gets a chance to soar high through this platform.  Not only the International Essay Writing Competition, but there are so many other competitions that people can participate in through this website. The Quarterly Creative Writing Competitions clocks thousands of entries and people enthusiastically participate in it.

Recently the expedition through the creative world has prompted Monomousumi Services to add various other competitions to its list, like the Most Popular Article Award, the Star Presenter Award among others. People get a chance to improve their skills and become more confident when their potential is given exposure through the various social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

To boost the morale of the winners and to provide an aim to the participants, Monomousumi Services, with the help of its sponsors, deliver prizes at the doorstep of the winners. When people see their work getting appreciated and honored then it’s a totally different feeling altogether.

The main objective of this platform has always been to help people improve their writing skills. Many writers go unrecognized and their writings remain restricted to the pages of their diaries. When such writers are provided a chance to showcase their skills to the world then magic happens. Monomousumi Services has been gladly providing that platform to let that magic happen for the past 3 years.

Weavers Magazine, another brilliant idea germinating from Monomousumi Services is a digital Magazine that provides budding writers with the opportunity to work as editors and content creators for the magazine. This not only enhances their skills but also helps them in learning something new. This magazine contains interviews of famous personalities, articles, quizzes, puzzles, stories, poems, and much more. The writers are instilled with pride for themselves as their works get a chance to feature in this magazine.

Technological advancement is the rule of the day, and Monomousumi Services uses technology to develop creativity. The Winners of the essay competition also get a chance to be interviewed and that itself is a matter of immense pride. Three years is not a short duration of time, much hard work and constant up-gradation have gone behind the successful run of the website. And this run has to be possible with the love and support of the contestants and sponsors. The popularity of the website is a testimony in itself of the brilliant work that they have been doing in this field. Till then keep your creative ideas flowing and keep participating in the competitions organized by the website. They are free of charge and a great way of showcasing your mettle to the world. It also helps hone the writing skills and for someone who likes the field of literature, reading, and writing, it’s a perfect place to explore, learn and improve.