Steps of Designing Lapel Pin

Myriad of purposes are involved for the usage of lapel pins. Among many, one of the most popular ones is that businesses use it for recognizing the company employees who have served the company with their best services. It also encourages employees to break record and therefore they aid in attaining company goals. It is a very small template where the designers have to work so creating the best one is a real challenge but Vivipins follow certain steps and design the best pin.

Steps of designing lapel pin

  1. Estimating company’s goal: Before designing the pin designers first find out what pin is going to represent. That means whether the company wants to distribute it in an event for promotion or just want to award the employees. The design of the pin is greatly influenced by the purpose for which it is designed.
  2. Estimating the size: Though lapel pins are generally small in size but the exact size depends upon the logo and message that a company wants to convey through the pin. If the logo or message is not visible to others, then it is of no use. So, it is better to make it slightly bigger.
  3. Forming simple design: Capturing people’s attention is the main motive of a pin. Thus, the design of the pin must be such which seeks attention. But it is essential that the design is kept simple. That means without any bell or whistle the pin must convey your message.
  4. Shaping: Nothing could be considered as the right shape of the lapel pin. Irrespective of the shape that is chosen the weight must be balanced properly. It should not happen that it will fall off so it must have design and weight in such a proportion that its shape serves the purpose for which it is designed.
  5. Usage of color in limit: As already discussed the pin is used for conveying the message with bells so it is essential to keep it simple so in that process, too much color should not be used in the design unless the colors are part of the logo. It is not an advertisement; it must be considered just as a piece of jewelry. Usually, those lapel pins which are designed using just two colors speak much.
  6. Finishing: The most important part of designing is having proper finish of the product. As lapel pins are considered as a part of jewelry so such a finish must be chosen which coincides with the design. There are numerous finishes but that must be chosen which complement the design itself and along with that, it should also complement the pin color. Sometimes, a gold or silver finish could be used. While designing the pins you should always keep in mind the purpose for which you are designing it.


If you are opting for a manufacturer who can design the label pins then Vivipins is the best choice especially because of their after services. If after receiving the product you are not happy with the design that you got or you are finding that design is not serving the purpose for which is manufactured, then you can let the team know about the same within 15 days and you will get it rectified. You can return the product and get the refund very easily. So, if you need to design any lapel pin, then opt for Vivipins and get it designed perfectly by the creative team. You have to ensure that you convey the purpose in detail to the team so that pin can serve the actual purpose.