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We are all trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle. When it comes to prioritizing activities, most of us would rank health at the top of our list. But in reality, only a small section of the population is abiding by the regular recommended 30-minute walk, and a very few of us consuming the recommended vegetables on an every-day basis. As a result, most of us are still failing to build a strong foundation for achieving a healthy lifestyle.

To compensate for this failure, many people try their hands on different diets that may show some effect in the short term but tend to disappoint after a little while – mostly because they fail to teach you the importance of eating healthy as a part of your regular routine. It is only after you practice a healthy way of thinking into your regular lifestyle, that you can achieve your goals to living a healthier life.

To help you navigate your way through some of the facts and myths for living a healthy life, we’ve shared a few do’s and don’ts to start by:

1) Do break your night ‘FAST’ with Breakfast

Undoubtedly your breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it need not be the most elaborate one. You can save a lot of energy and time by keeping it simple yet filling. Our health relies on our eating habits, by being mindful of what we’re putting into our body.

We can prevent a lot of health issues that are specifically caused due to unhealthy eating habits. There are many simple breakfast foods to stick with. Fresh fruits in combination with cereals, whole-grain toast, and oats are quick items that ensure your mornings are sorted.

2) Do play a lot to keep your body active

We spend long hours sitting at once place, either studying in college or in office. However, our body muscles do need a little physical movement in order to stay healthy and flexible. To stay active and fit, it is important to exercise and workout or include an outdoor game for a few minutes.

To start with, you can also try to jog or stretch in the morning, or head to the community local swimming pool for a dip, or simply take the stairs instead of an elevator, this will automatically boost up your energy and improve your stamina for the entire day. Do a bit to keep your body moving.

3) Do make rightful swaps

The thought of sacrificing on a lot of your favorite foods to lose weight can be a little daunting. Make it a point to eat right, and avoid eating junk food in the night. Besides this, there’s always a room for picking substitutes that won’t leave you feeling deprived but at the same time, it’ll satisfy your craving.

Instead of layering that toast with a regular butter, try a simple substitute of using a low-fat unsalted butter for a few days. This might taste a little different for few days, but your taste buds will eventually get used to it.

And remember, there’s nothing wrong with giving into indulgences every once in a while, but once you’ve crossed the limit of feeding your body with these extra doses, it could lead to an addiction.

4) Don’t compromise on your mental wellbeing

A healthy lifestyle needs to include something that helps you in attaining mental peace. Never compromise on anything with regard to your health; it should be at the top of your priority list.

Start practicing meditation, yoga, dance, or any activity that makes your mind calm by forgetting all the worries. The secret to a healthy positive mental health is to keep your mind active.

Everyone understands how important exercising is, and mental exercises are a part of it. Be it a crossword, puzzle, or a game show that keeps you distracted; ensure you’re getting an adequate amount of mental simulation in your day to day life.

5) Don’t toxify, only detoxify

Like caffeine, alcohol too is addictive. Not only that, but the consumption of tobacco and alcohol, both have repeatedly proven to affect our body and health – invariably impacting the functioning of our liver, brain, lungs, and other organs.

If you’re someone who indulges into alcohol consumption on a regular basis, it’s time for you to cut it out or at the best of your ability, reduce it. If you’ve been smoking ‘lite’ cigarettes wondering that they’re less harmful to your body, it’s important to know that there’s no possibility of risk-free smoking.

If you’re a smoker, it’s time for you to quit or find an alternative to smoking. You might want to consider the option of E-cigs as an alternative to smoking. E-cigarettes are thought to be less harmful since they provide the option to customize nicotine strength, unlike regular cigarettes. And eventually, you can decrease your dosage as per your tolerance.

6) Don’t consume Saturated Fat

Not all fats are bad. Good fats are supported in foods such as nuts, fatty fish, flax seeds, etc. that are essential for your body to get rid of excess weight. But when it comes to unhealthy fats such as saturated fats, it is crucial to know the types of food they’re found in so you can avoid them.

Saturated fats are found in high amounts in animal products such as milk, cheese, beef, butter, and bacon. So make sure that you research and understand which foods you should opt for, in terms of fat content.


A healthy lifestyle is crucial to live a healthy long life. Try to implement a few of these Do’s and Don’ts and we’re sure you will see some positive changes in your routine. With this, smile more, worry less and you’ll achieve almost anything. Remember, healthy eating and working out is not an unusually whimsical practice. It is a matter of choice. A dedicated and conscious effort is the key to succeed in this field.

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