While everybody admits that traveling is great, not everyone has desire and money to go far away outside the country. Hitchhiking is a great option to see the world (or at lease your own county) and meet new people. However, this is also something that can send a chill down the spin if you consider riding with a stranger. Indeed, hitchhiking is not for everyone, but if you follow these simple tips, your trip will be one to remember and who knows, you may end up looking for a travel website design service as the expert on road trip advice.

Trust your gut

Just like all other animals, humans have survived through the ages because of their ability to feel that something is wrong and flee. If something doesn’t feel right, it’s probable that something is actually not right. Remember that the ride will only be enjoyable if both you and the person offering you the lift feel comfortable. Politely turn down an offer if you feel uncomfortable.

Don’t just jump into the car; talk to the driver. The time you spend talking to the driver will ensure that you are clear that the lift you are being offered is the one you are looking for. It will also allow you to discuss the price before the trip starts. Listen to the answers carefully; this will tell you what kind of person you are accepting a lift from.

Be vigilant

When you are hitchhiking, your safety is always in your hands; you can never subcontract it to the driver who gives you a lift. Look at both the driver and their car to make sure everything is right. Diligently examining the driver will ensure you are not taking a lift from someone who is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics. When the driver looks like they need to take better care of themselves, it’s better to let them pass.

Looking at the car will tell you whether the car is roadworthy or not. Things like missing headlights, weird engine noises, not to mention cracked windscreens should ring the alarm bells. You don’t want to end up in a vehicle that will leave you stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Go with others

If possible, don’t go hitchhiking alone. When two people help each other take the decision whether to take the ride, they are likely to make a more informed decision. When you hitchhike as a pair or more, the chance of the driver driving away with your luggage when you get to your destination is reduced.

One of you should remain in the car while the other collects the luggage from the boot until you have all your luggage. Also, when you are traveling with someone else, they are likely to remind you when you are forgetting something on the car seat such as your phone or wallet.

Keep important stuff in contact with your body

No matter how diligent you can be, it is still possible that you could lose some of your important stuff in a stranger’s car. This is the reason why it’s important to ensure that your most valuable items are always in your pocket. This will ensure that you have all the documents, smartphone and whatever you really need in case you have to abandon your bag for any reason.

Hitchhiking can be a fun and cheap way of traveling. However, always remember that you have the responsibility to keep yourself safe by being diligent, properly auditing the vehicle and the driver before you jump in. Bon voyage!