5 Songs you can learn on Piano

Who doesn’t want to impress other people? And when you have a musical instrument by your side, the feeling of pride that comes within is unmatchable. And two of the such instruments are Guitar and Piano. Using these instruments, showing off your talent is really delightful.

It may sound a very simple task, that anybody can play a piano. But no, it isn’t. Mastering this instrument takes a lot of effort and practice. Even though you can cram up few songs to play without learning the device, you will forget the same over the next few days.

But if you do not have time to learn, and still want to impress, then don’t fear. Here we will talk about 5 such songs that once played, will mesmerize people to no extent. So all you have to do next is find out the easy tutorials for their piano notes and master these awesome songs.


There are no second thoughts here as to why this song should be at no. 1. This Spanish song is one of the most difficult one to play and one of the most loved songs all across the globe. It is even the maximum viewed number on YouTube with more than 5 Billion views.

And hence, you have got a perfect opportunity to impress your loved one with this breath-taking number. You can check out the piano notes for this song here on MyPianoNotes.com. Here, you will also find an easy video tutorial that will help you in learning.

Shape of You

This Ed Sheeran number is another track in popular songs list. I am sure if you play this song on Piano, your listeners are going to be mesmerized. What is best is that learning this song is just like an icing on the cake. It is fairly easy to learn this and also easy to impress others with this.

Released in 2017, the song has already crossed 3 Billion views on YouTube. People have loved it way too much. This song has also stayed at number 1 position in many countries, and even on US Billboard Top 100 Songs. With its humongous popularity, you can easily find its piano tutorials anywhere on the Internet. Master this song and have fun.

Cheap Thrills

This is another popular English track which people have loved to the core. Sung by Sia, this song became a huge party anthem as soon as it was released. And hence, it would also make a perfect number to impress the people.

This is a go-to song anytime you wish to play something on piano. It can never go outdated. The beats, lyrics and music, everything adds beauty to this song. When it was released, it also occupied the No. 1 spot on US Billboard Top 100.

Fur Elise

This is one of the most soothing rhythms of Beethoven. Playing this will not only bring content smile on your face, but to everybody else’s who are listening. This is a 60-minute melody that is used today by most of the people. There are many ringtones, car tones and many more stuff that contains this melody.

Fur Elise was composed by the world’s most popular Pianist, Beethoven. What is most shocking is the fact that he was deaf. And still he managed to make such an astonishing melody. So don’t think more and get to the work to learn this remarkable piece.

Jingle Bell Rock

An extremely popular Christmas song, it will make the best number to play on the piano. Everybody must have heard of this song, hence giving you a great opportunity to impress your listeners.

What makes it one of the best numbers to impress people is that this is one of the most celebrated occasions. You will get a perfect chance to come forward and make the occasion even more merrier. So check out the piano notes of this song and master this number before the Christmas arrives.