Tips To Find A Writing Service

Handwriting is still taught in schools. Yet recent research suggests that you will not have written anything more substantial than a shopping list in the last 6 months.

The reason is simple; we can type much faster than we can handwrite.

The fact is that to achieve success in most businesses you need to be able to write content. You need a good writer. The truth is a good writer costs money. You need to budget to either take on writers per hour basis or a permanent addition to your team.

In many instances, especially with smaller businesses, finding writers is the most financially viable option.

Locating Your Dream Writers

But how do you find good writers and make sure your content is delivered when you need it?

You need these 7 tips to ensure you have a writing service that covers your back:

1. Reputation

The first step is to check the reputation of your proposed writing service. There are some firms which have many writers on their books and no guarantee that you will get the same writer each time.

This means you will constantly be requesting revisions to ensure each of the different writers know what you actually want.

You don’t need that hassle!

Check with friends who have used the service you are looking at and look at social media forums. You should find mainly positive reviews. (There will always be some negative responses!).

If others are happy with the writing service there is a good chance you will be.

2. Example Work

The next step is to check their work.

If you know someone who has used their service then you can look at what has been produced for them. If not there may be examples on their website.

A third option is to request a short article. Ideally you should request this from several writing services firms. They should all offer writers on trial basis.

You can then assess which matches your needs best. Paying for the same article several times is worth it in the long term. You’ll find the right writers for your business.

3. Number Of Writers

If you need a writing service which will always have your back then you need to find one that has more than one writer.

After all, if your favorite writer is ill or on vacation how will your content be created?

It is important that the other writers on their books can offer as high quality writing as your preferred writer.

While it is preferable to use the same writer it is important to have a back-up. This will ensure your back is truly covered when you need it most.

4. The Content

Of course you need to assess the content that a writing service currently provides.

Good writers will be able to research any topic and create an insightful article. But choosing a writing service which already has experience delivering content similar to yours will help to ensure that every article meets your needs.

The simple fact is that there are hundreds of articles on the internet about most subjects. You need to locate a writing service and writing persons who are dedicated to bringing something new to every article they write.

The more knowledge they have of your chosen topic the better your article is likely to be.

5. Cost

Cost is often overlooked when selecting a writing service. Many businesses are simply looking for the best possible price.

However, writers on contract have to make their own living. The better they are paid the more time and effort they will put into giving you a high quality article.

This is one time where the cheapest option is almost certainly not the best. The real cost of a full time writers is difficult to assess. It should be the cost of the article in relation to the feedback and response it generates for your business.

Good writers might not be the cheapest but they will write articles which are actually read.

6. Plagiarism Guarantee

As already mentioned the web has thousands of articles on any given subject.

This means that it is very easy for a writer to copy someone else’s work without the plagiarism checkers realizing.

To be sure that the content you are getting is original and won’t get you in trouble later you should be looking for a writing service which offers a plagiarism guarantee.

They do all the checking and will make sure your content is original.

If you then find that some of the content has been copied there should be a clear policy to deal with this.

Check this policy is in place and that it is fair before you ask them to start the job.

7. Time Adherence & Revisions

It is often send that quality is better than quantity. This is true when looking for writers on hourly basis.

However, you do still need to get content out to your readers on a regular basis.

It is essential to verify that the writing service will adhere to the time schedule you have set and undertake any revisions as you need them.

Ideally your schedule should set out when you need the article for checking and when you need the final draft.

This will ensure you meet your own deadlines and promises to your customers.

Writing It All Up

Finding a perfect writers is not difficult, especially with these tips.

However, you should always remember that these writers will become the voice of your business.

Take your time choosing the right writer and writing service for your needs. Be prepared to pay them a reasonable rate; this will help to ensure you build a relationship with them.

The longer they write for you the closer their writing will become to your own voice. In fact, after a short while, good writers will barely need any direction to create the content you need.