Buying Solar Eclipse Glasses-Getting Ready for 2024

Experts have advised again and again that you are not supposed to watch the solar eclipse without appropriate eye protection as that could be causing permanent or temporary damage to your eyes. It would certainly be hazardous to sport the so-called solar eclipse glasses that have not gone through adequate safety tests and do not meet the necessary safety standards. It is mandatory for the glasses to block at least 99.99 percent of the solar rays. If you haven’t been successful in seeing the phenomenal Great American Solar Eclipse that occurred on the 21st of August this year, you could get ready for the total solar eclipse that would be occurring on the 8th of April in 2024. This time Maine would be experiencing total solar eclipse for the very first time in more than 50 years.

Where should you consider purchasing the solar eclipse safety glasses?

The AAS usually comes up with a comprehensive list of all the recommended vendors for eclipse glasses. This helps you in deciding which brand to buy as most companies would be providing verification that their solar eclipse glasses are actually legit. Quite often than not the companies would be coming up with glasses in bundles and you may have to spend a minimum of $100. Big brands like Lunt Solar Systems usually have stock available online. You could order online well in advance.

Is it possible to purchase solar eclipse goggles in person?

The AAS offers a comprehensive list of retailers who seem to be selling solar eclipse goggles from verified vendors. In this context, you must realize that all of these retail locations may not be carrying eclipse goggles or stocks may even run out. You must consider calling your nearest store first and verify if solar safety goggles are available, instead of making a wasted trip. It is a good idea to pick up these safety goggles from any physical retail outlets as you need to examine the glasses thoroughly before buying them. Look for scratches or defects and stay away from non-legit stuff. You simply cannot compromise on quality and your safety. While buying 2017 total solar eclipse souvenirs like the solar eclipse mug, you must from now on consider buying solar optics for the upcoming grand cosmic events.

How do I view the solar eclipse without the legit safety glasses? 

As it is not at all safe to view the solar eclipse without proper eye protection, the AAS has come up with alternative methods of viewing the solar eclipse. Experts suggest that if you could find a tree through the leaves of which the sunlight seems to be streaking in, an image of the sun, as well as, the eclipse would be projected on the ground. If you look at the ground and at the same time, hold up a colander, you could have the similar effect. Another effective method is to catch any live stream of the solar eclipse. This could be especially suitable for someone who is not present in the precise or actual path of totality.


If you buy the best quality solar glasses, you would be sure that they are good for your eyes and they would be protecting your eyes from any mishaps or hazardous sun rays. If you are ready with your glasses, get ready with the other safety gear.

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