What you need to know about Police Gear

There are thousands of policemen in America. They ensure the safety and well-being of citizens. If you are one of them, you know that this job can be very difficult and unpredictable. Police officers are exposed to various risks to a greater extent than other professionals. Therefore, they must be perfectly prepared for any situation.

Police gear helps to carry out your duties effectively. Often, life and health depend on tactical equipment. This is true not only for body armor but also weapons, handcuffs, and even flashlights. Great if you never use it when patrolling the streets, but still, if you need to draw a gun from a holster or arrest a suspect, you should be ready.

Each piece of equipment must be of high quality and perfectly suited to your work tasks. Where to find police gear from top brands? On the Galls.com website. There, you will find any products at good prices, which you will get as quickly as possible. However, before buying police stuff, read below what criteria other policemen use when choosing.

What criteria to consider when choosing police gear in Galls?

Among the thousands of items, it is difficult to choose what will be perfect for you. We recommend paying attention to four main criteria:

  • Brand. Give preference to well-known brands. Even if some gear seems too expensive, consider that your life is worth more. Smith and Wesson handcuffs never fail, so why take anything worse?
  • Comfort. In your profession, the comfort of use may be critical. How fast can you draw a gun from its holster? How easy is it to handcuff a person? If you choose a weapon, try to shoot from several and choose the most convenient one.
  • Work situations. If you are patrolling the streets, then light body armor may be enough for you, but if you can get into gunfights, you will need something stronger. Choose the right.
  • Rules of your agency. Before buying anything, find out in advance what types of non-lethal weapons and other equipment are allowed by your department.

At the Galls store, you can choose from the best gear: from pepper spray to heavy body armor. A detailed description and feedback from colleagues will help you choose the right product. You can pick up the goods in one of the dozens of stores across the country.

Must have police gear for officers

The list of things that the policeman needs includes several dozen items. Here, we will focus only on the basics.

Uniform and shoes/boots

You spend all day in uniform and shoes. It should not restrict your movements or cause any other discomfort. Needless to say, the uniform must be of excellent quality and kept in perfect order.

Body armor

As mentioned above, you will need body armor. Most likely, even two: heavy and light. We assume that going out without armor is a bad idea. When choosing, look at the characteristics and be sure to take your size.

Duty weapon

Your main weapon should always be in perfect condition. Choose a model that is comfortable for you and approved by your agency. You will definitely need a holster and extra ammo. It is better to take an extra magazine than to regret later that it is not there.


Handcuffs should be easy to snap and always be on your belt. Sometimes, you have to catch two suspects, so consider if you need a second pair or even leg restraints. Pay attention to the handcuff key. Sometimes, a long key is easier to use than a short one.

Intermediate weapons

If your agency allows certain types of non-lethal weapons, be sure to choose something for yourself. It is always better to neutralize the criminal without causing serious injury. Pepper spray is a good argument in a dispute with aggressive suspects.


The policeman must have a flashlight to work in the dark. You may be interested in lightweight but bright waterproof and shockproof tactical flashlight Galls or other similar models. Some police officers carry a small flashlight on their belt and another, heavier one in their patrol car.

Galls is a reliable source for policemen

Maintaining public safety requires the professional and coordinated work of every police officer. When you are equipped, you feel confident and ready to serve. Now, there is no need to go to the store and choose the necessary police gear — all this can be done at home using the Internet.

The Galls brand has been supplying police, firefighters, military, security personnel, and other services for over fifty years. The company offers top-branded products, and on their website, you can find full specs and reviews from other cops. You are the pride of the country. Choose the equipment that suits you.