Go From Nerdy to Naughty with These X Eyeglasses

A pair of eyeglasses, like a tailored suit, should be properly fitted to the wearer. A well-fitting frame is more attractive, comfortable, and effective in improving your vision. Here’s a simple guide to finding the appropriate fit, which varies by head size, facial shape, feature distribution, and other factors. 

Your current pair of eyeglasses is the greatest place to start. If you like the way they look in general, you may just choose a similar frame shape. However, if you want to try something new or are purchasing your first pair of glasses, this guide will help you to go from nerdy to naughty with the perfect fit of eyeglasses.

The key tips for finding the proper eyeglasses fit:

  1. The frame’s width should correspond to the width of your face. You can check this while looking at yourself straight in the eyes, the glasses should not droop off the side of your face, and the sides of the temples should not be visible.
  2. Your eyebrows should be visible above the frames. At the very least, half of them, preferably a little more. Don’t make yourself look like a nerd by wearing huge eyeglasses that don’t fit your face!
  3. From left to right, each eyeball should be directly in the middle of the lens. On both sides of the eye, the distance between the corner of the eye and the edge of the lens should be the same.
  4. Make sure the temples are positioned correctly around your ears. If your glasses are slipping down your nose, you should get the temples straightened to keep them in place.
  5. The overall frame should be placed in the centre of your face. It should strike a pleasing equilibrium between the top and bottom of the face.

Why Choose Eyeglasses?

  1. Precision Vision Correction: Our eyeglasses are crafted with precision to correct various refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Experience crisp and clear vision in every situation.
  2. Protect Your Eyes: UV rays and digital screen glare can take a toll on your eyes. Our eyeglasses come with optional coatings to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays and reduce digital eye strain, ensuring optimal eye health.
  3. Fashion-forward Designs: Eyeglasses are more than just a vision aid; they’re a fashion accessory. Explore our collection of trendy frames that cater to different styles and personalities. From classic elegance to bold and modern, we have frames for every taste.

Let’s see how the same types of frames look different on different face shapes.


The angular design of the square lenses complements the chiselled jaw wonderfully. The optimum fit would be for the brow to be visible above the lens (a little more than half of the brow is excellent) and for the eyes to fill around half of the lenses.

The dark tortoise tinted eyeglasses complement the light skin and blond hair perfectly. Doesn’t that sound alluring enough?

Well, there isn’t just one type of squared eyeglasses. There are several shapes and sizes, and you need to choose according to your face shape and size. Let us help you do that! 


Do you have a bug face and a low nose bridge? Don’t worry; we’d assist you in finding the ideal pair of perfect eyeglasses for you. This black round rimless frame is great for enhancing your look. 

What’s the other kind of round?

A round face, and you still prefer a round eyeglass? You can certainly have one. Fastrack does not believe that there is only one type of frame that will fit your face. It’s more crucial that they’re proportionate to your face size and appropriately fit your face. 

Finally, if you’re in search to buy a new pair of eyeglasses, we recommend shopping online and trying on as many frames as possible before making a decision. Don’t buy a style because it looks well on someone else, as their facial shape is likely to be very different. Wondering, “But which pair of eyeglasses suit me?” you can head to brands like Fastrack’s latest unisex collection of eyeglasses. Remember, the key is to find the right fit for your face.