Tech Savvy Person Skills

When you work in tech, there is a drive to always be better. Whether it’s that you want to be better than your competitor or desires to earn a higher salary you want to beat your own benchmarks, getting ahead in the tech world means perfecting what you do. If you’re not sure what skills you have mastered in tech, you may just be gifted technically and have a variety of skills. However, most people should be able to use cloud software, such as Microsoft Office 365 training online. If you don’t have the ability to set up and use cloud applications, you’ll definitely be left behind in our closing-in digital world.

But what are some other skills that make a tech savvy person just better? Here’s a few ideas:

Fix Basic PC Problems

You should know your way around computers, printers, scanners, network cards, drivers, and server backups. There are a variety of computer problems that may come up in your workplace or at home, so it’s a little embarrassing if you’re tech savvy but don’t know what a hard drive failure is.

Take Time to Help

Not sure what customers are having the biggest issues with? Why not spend some time answering help desk questions? You may think it’s menial, but it’s actually a great way to gain insight into what’s going on with your tech products, software, hardware, and application interface issues. This is something that everyone up to the CEO should do sometimes, even if it’s just one question a month.

Talk About Your Work

If you are working on something, you’re passionate about it, but you don’t want to keep it locked up inside. Those who are tech savvy are also able to talk about their passions and explain what they’re working on. This also helps develop more skills to talk to your team or become a leader in your field.

Be Able to Teach Others

Want to learn something fast? Try training someone else in a particular programming language or web development project. You’ll find out quickly how much you actually know and what it would take to do the job at the best level you can.

Understand the Basics of Networking

You may not be a network engineer, but you should be able to set up and troubleshoot networks. Most business analysts, systems administrator, and help desk support technicians have to have these skills in order to help customers. You should be well-versed with terms like DNS and trace-route machines.

Recommend Better Software

Maybe you know something that would help your company, but you’re not confident that it’s the right tool. You should know your favorite tools backwards and forwards, so if something would help a business do some process faster, save money, or bring in new customers, why not recommend it?

If there are particular programs that are becoming popular, meaning that more businesses are using them, and it allows you to transform your business, then you need to get on that software. Things like Microsoft Office 365 training online may help you sync up your business departments and allow you to collaborate with better tools for reporting and communication.