If shopping for some Hyderabadi pearls and lac bangles has been on your shopping list for quite some time but you have been dreading spending big bucks, now is the time for you to get into your shopping mode. I have been a shopaholic all my life and the trait of a good shopper is to scout for markets that offer the best of goodies at the least of price. Throw in some bargaining skills and you have a winner on your hands.

Hyderabad is a city that still has its old world charm intact and it is a pleasure doing shopping in the old rickety lanes.

I have explored quite a few of them to get a list handy of all places where you can do some pocket-friendly shopping.

Laad Bazaar or the Chudi Bazaar

Laad Bazaar or the Chudi BazaarThe melodious harmony created by bangles has always charmed women and the moment you enter this market you are almost blinded by its glitz. Shiny bangles in all designs and colors will enchant you and you would end up buying more than what you had thought of buying. If you have an eye for it, you can buy some good quality pearls and dupattas too from this market.


ShilparamamLocated in the Hi-Tech city, this village market is known for its collection of handicrafts and fabrics that have been sourced from all over the country. I have picked for myself a few pieces of wooden home decor pieces along with some wooden jewelry pieces from here.

Jummeraat Bazaar

Jummeraat BazaarThis is a flea market set up every Thursday evening and you will find everything from shoes to silverware in this market. A word of caution: the prices of goods in this market are pretty low and that stems from the fact that this is a market for stolen goods so before you buy a product you might want to test if it is in a good condition. Pro tip: be a conscious shopper and buy only what you need.

Koti Sultan Bazaar

Koti Sultan BazaarThis one is more like a street market and you should wear comfortable clothing and shoes while going to this market. Busy and crowded lanes of this two centuries old market have everything from clothes to imitation jewelry. Along with the street vendors, you will also find some showrooms here but the prices of goods inside would not be as pocket-friendly as the ones at the street stalls.

Char Minar Bazaar

Char Minar BazaarChar Minaar has always been the pride of the city and the market that has thrived near it has been the favorite of the locals. It is one of the best places to go to if you wish to buy traditional and authentic Hyderabadi Khada Dupatta or the world famous Basra pearls. For men accompanying the ladies, there is a lot to shop for too. Sherwanis and kurtas in Hyderabadi style are a specialty of this market along with sarees. I had gone to this market to buy some laces and beads and had come back feeling like Aladdin, with bags were full of pearls and shiny blingy stones!

Mozzam Jahi Market

Mozzam Jahi MarketNot many people know that Hyderabad is known for its Ikat work fabric and if you are a fan of this fabric then Mozzam Jahi Market is the place for you. All these markets generally sell everything from clothes to jewelry but then there are some things that indigenous to a particular market. Ikat fabric, and fruits are best in this market.

Begum Bazaar

Begum BazaarA circular archway leads you to a lighted market inside a tunnel-shaped structure at Begum Bazaar. The shops are made in street style but the quality of the products that you get here is quite good. It is one of the biggest markets of the city and you should take time in hand when you go to this place as you will be spoilt for choice in everything that you want to buy from here. Hyderabad is famous for a lot of things, one of them being its Bidri work. Bidri is the art of inlaying silver with a jet alloy which creates an added sheen to it. This market has shops selling bidri jewelry and you would definitely want to add it to your jewelry collection. Pop up shops allow online businesses to come into the real world, increase visibility, generate buzz and bring their brand to life.

Ittar Market

Ittar MarketMy dressing table is a testimony to the number of times I have visited this market to get my favorite ‘ittar’. The perfumes here are like drops of joy bottled up, ready to transport you to heaven, the moment you smell them. You can not only select your own unique fragrance from this market but can also choose the kind of glass bottle you want it in. I for one simply love the tiny vials in lovely designs.

Happy shopping in Hyderabad to you folks. See you at one of these markets soon!