Virtual Phone Numbers

The first patent of a working telephone was awarded to Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. The Scottish inventor is credited with being the first person to speak via the telephone. No phone number was necessary as there were only two telephones in existence at that time. The devices were rented to individuals and lines ran to only the places the customers needed them to be. Like from your house, to your office, and to a factory. Phone numbers got introduced along with network operators who transferred calls from one subscriber to another. The caller would give the receiver’s number to the operator who would then make the connection possible.

The structure of the numbers changed frequently to accommodate the ever-growing number of telephone users. Today Virtual Phone Numbers are the latest iteration of this useful technology like business text messaging. Access numbers and direct inward dialing are other names for them. These numbers are not directly linked to a telephone line but rather attached to other preset phone numbers to which calls can be forwarded to. They are the go-between for VoIP and traditional calls.

For a modern businessperson

In today’s world of fast-moving information, it is important to always keep abreast with what is going on in your personal and business circles. This can be especially difficult if you are often on the road for business trips or your business requires you to make plenty of house calls. Virtual Phone Numbers allows you to forward your calls to one or multiple devices., you can get added features that allow you to better control how and when your calls are forwarded depending on your own custom schedule. Additionally, you get a virtual message that you can access from anywhere.

Become more organized

In growing a business, customers and employees increase and communication among them get more frequent. offers clients features that enable you to add your employees and create extensions for your department. Your customers will always reach the right person in the right place. Moreover, you can use text messaging with toll-free numbers. You will no longer be confined to local phone numbers for this.

The Virtual Phone Numbers can also be programmed to only display your work number as the caller ID. Your personal number will remain private from your work life. Plus, you can even set it up to know whether the call you are receiving is from your business or social circles.

An affordable investment

The customizability of virtual numbers is another exciting feature. You can use your own caller ID to accessorize your brand. You can choose a number that is more memorable or even one that has a word or phrase. You easily stand out from your competitors. You can get this feature from and you do not need to add any expensive hardware. Their system can be integrated into your existing devices. You should grow your business without worrying about paying higher and higher communication costs.