Fluoride Varnish

Dental hygiene is just as important as any other aspect of your overall health. While brushing and flossing may be part of your daily routine, you need not wait to be advised for hospital treatment before you start paying attention to your oral health and dental condition.

A regularly-scheduled trip to your dentist’s clinic may work to your favor as there are now various options available when it comes to preventing and treating dental problems. Among the dental services availed by patients, fluoride varnish treatments are now becoming more and more popular.

If you are interested in undergoing this dental treatment, here is everything you need to know about fluoride varnish:

  • It can be done in a matter of minutes. Fluoride varnish treatments can be administered inside your dentist’s clinic. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to have the product directly applied to your teeth. A dentist, dental hygienist, or a trained professional uses a brush to topically coat the surfaces of your teeth. You will not have to wait for a long time for the varnish to stick to your teeth, as it quickly hardens upon contact with your teeth and the surrounding saliva. With its rapid setting, your teeth also quickly receive the benefits of fluoride, such as preventing demineralization.
  • It can be effectively used for patients of all ages. The FDA has approved the topical use of fluoride varnishes in the treatment of teeth hypersensitivity, among others. It is described as biologically-safe when used as indicated. If you suffer from pain due to sensitive teeth, getting your fluoride fix through a fluoride varnish can be a huge and immediate relief, since the varnish coats your exposed dentine’s surfaces. Additionally, fluoride treatment for adults has also been regarded as effective in controlling and preventing dental caries, so, your overall oral health may directly benefit from a professionally-prescribed and administered coat of fluoride varnish. In the same manner, if you want to prevent early childhood caries from invading your little one’s teeth, most dental clinics offer fluoride varnishes in different flavors. The added flavor makes the administration of the varnish appealing, especially for kids of younger ages. It also helps that the fluoride varnish is brushed on the teeth (as compared to fluoride gels in trays), making it easier for both adults and kids alike to undergo each session.
  • It can help protect and rebuild your teeth. Once fluoride varnish is applied on your teeth surfaces, it begins its mode of action the moment it comes in contact with your mouth’s saliva. It stops the breakdown of your teeth by coating and penetrating the enamel and dentin. Similarly, a dose of fluoride varnish helps protect your teeth from further damage caused by dental caries as its fluoride concentration promotes the counterpart process called remineralization. If you know that your diet is constantly filled with foods that are not good for your teeth, then having a fluoride varnish treatment will go a long way in saving your pearly whites.