Road Trip Ideas from Bangalore

For those who like to explore, Bangalore is a good city to live in. This city can take you to places where you can disconnect with technology and have a direct connection with nature. From museums to parks and gardens, everyone will surely get attached to this place. You can even book restaurants in Bangalore where you can savor their famous cuisine. It is located close to the mountains and forests of Southern India and there are many things to do if one is a nature lover. There is also no dearth of cultural experiences in the districts surrounding this dynamic city. Here are two popular road trip ideas.

The Deep Forests of Coorg

Coorg is a fascinating district of mountains and forests wedged between Kerala and the rest of Karnataka. The land of the Kodavas is famous for its martial culture and delicious cuisine and today, Coorg is a hotspot for angling, rafting and other adventure and outdoor activities. Bangalore to Coorg by car is a very enriching journey, a tour that passes through Mysore, the cultural capital of the state. After leaving behind the royal city the journey starts twisting up the Western Ghats and the terrain becomes rugged and more forested.

Nagarhole National Park is one of the last remaining bastions of the Bengal Tiger in India. It has a place of pride for the residents of Coorg, whose hunting culture has been more or less replaced by conversation. A visit to the plantations is recommended to get a dose of this rustic lifestyle, interspersed with indulgences like pandi curry and of course, rum. Madikeri and Virajpet are the two main towns of the district, quaint hubs with busy marketplaces and calm neighborhoods exhibiting the vernacular architecture in all directions.

Nandi Hills – Bird Watching and More

For closer trips from the IT city, there is no destination better than the looming heights of Nandi Hills. These hills reach a height of over 1500 meters at the summit and are a favored venue for sunrise drives along winding roads. Tipu Sultan had his Summer Palace here and there is also an old temple. There are many viewpoints from the top of the hill for those who love sweeping panoramic views.

Nandi Hills is a bird watching paradise. The early mornings are a good time to view the most species and a pair of binoculars is a handy tool to have for these sessions. Some of the species found here include puff throated babblers, Asian Paradise-flycatchers, the Indian Blue Robin, the orange-headed thrush and many more. At the foot of Nandi Hills, there are a growing number of vineyards, ideal for a wine tour with the special one. Bangalore to Nandi Hills by car is a short and sweet journey, a 62 km route via the Bellary Road.

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