Audio to Text

Typing paragraphs is not only time consuming but also tiring. However, there are instances that we need to convert transcribe audio to text or audio to text converter online. There’s no reason to be frustrated or upset and feel that you are forced to do something that you don’t enjoy-typing.

There are applications that you can use on your PC to convert audio to text or text to audio with completely the same content. You can convert audio using many methods. A transcript is a text format of an audio or video recording. The following 5 reasons to transcribe audio to text:

#1. Great way to distribute information

As a business person, you may have to make several presentations throughout the course of your career. Depending upon your position within the business, you will need to be accurate and provide beneficial information. Having audio and text to present with your presentation will make your overall presentation more effective. Audio to text also allows the creation of additional content because you can scan the clips for specific phrases, words, and topics.

By offering multiple ways to consume your content, your readers can choose to listen as they run or read at their office desk. You give them a choice since your content is available both ways. The text makes an appearance in the video. With these videos, you can target several different ways people consume content online- audio, video, and text.

#2. Knowledge transfer

Because of personal preference, timing or location not all of your viewers can consume audio-based content. By converting an audio file to text, you transfer knowledge to such viewers. They can have forgotten their headphones, be in a noisy location or simply they prefer written content. Transcribing audio to text helps such users access your content.

People with a busy life may need to get specific information quickly hence text format is best for them since they don’t have time to listen to an hour video or skip to a specific section which they are looking for. A transcript gives such a consumer a convenient and fast way to search precisely what they need.

Some viewers find it simpler to retain information by reading as compared to listening; hence they prefer to skim through a transcription than listening to audio. A transcript helps a non-native speaker understand better and engage with your content. Comparing to audio, it is simple to translate text into other languages.

#3. More viewers

You can increase the number of your YouTube viewers by adding subtitles to your video, as it allows your viewers to double check what is in the video especially if they are some words they didn’t understand. A transcript has proven to boost video SEO. Pages with transcript have a higher search rank from the search engine as compared to those without and it increases in user engagement and inbound traffic.

Video transcripts will optimize a specific keyword which allows futures ranking and optimization. This will attract more viewers as a simple search within a transcript will enable viewers to get to your video blogs.

#4. Journalists can quickly find quotes within a lengthy interview

Transcribing helps journalists to find quotes in a lengthy interview because they just search for the keywords of the quotes they are looking for. Video transcripts optimize the specific keywords which allow fast searching of certain words.

#5. Benefit for students

Audio to text converter online helps higher education to dictate a dissertation or lecture. When you are in a classroom setting, you want your students to learn and grasp the concepts that you are teaching them. In the classroom setting, audio to text service is great because not only are your students hearing the lesson that is being taught, but they can also read and follow along with you. In the classroom, you will have several different ways of learning.

This is one of the best ways to meet the needs of each of your students.  Not all people are excellent speakers and writers at the same time. Speakers who hate to write or type their thoughts and ideas can use audio to text converter online for their own advantage. Try different software for the said purpose, and chose the one that satisfies your needs and wants, when it comes to convenience and innovation. Visit for information on online audio to text converter.