Are you interested in vaping but don’t know where to start? You are not alone. Many new vapers get confused by the number of different vaping devices and terms on internet forums. If you can’t find your way around the diverse vaping community, this post will show you the steps to help you select the best vaping device.

Research Your Needs

People start vaping for different reasons, and this plays an important role in the device you buy. Is vaping a part of your plan to quit smoking? Do you want the ability to vape on the move or prefer a device with a longer lasting battery? As a beginner, your device should combine ease-of-use with portability and affordability.

Before choosing a vaping device, consider how you want to vape now and later, the qualities you want, and price considerations. One of the components of the device that you’ll need to research is the vape tank. There are several vape tanks on the market that suit different needs. Some of the best vape tanks function well with both low and high wattage devices and hold varying amounts of vape juice. Depending on your needs, you also want to determine whether you want an MTL or DTL device. Read up on the different types of devices before you choose.


A cig-a-like is the ideal vaping device for someone trying to quit smoking. It is portable and easy to use but does not have a powerful battery. However, it reduces your exposure to nicotine and other harmful chemicals found in tobacco.

Cig-a-likes have cigar-like shapes and come with a battery and cartomizer which houses the flavor cartridge. Some devices also feature an LED light that mimics a lit cigarette. You only need to inhale to vape with the device, saturating yourself in the flavorful mist without the harmful chemicals present in real cigarette smoke. If you crave the mouth-to-lung inhalation of active smoking, this device is the best choice for you.

Vape Pens

Vape pens feature USB charging ports and are designed to shut off after a couple of seconds of use. The device is portable, user-friendly and is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, making it an excellent selection for new vapers.

Vape pens come with a tank and battery. However, their small size means battery life is shorter compared to other devices. If you need an affordable, lightweight and fun-to-use vaping device, go for a quality vaping pen that comes with a long-lasting battery and a solid tank.

Pod Mod

If you dig a nicotine hit, the pod mod is an excellent pick. This device is an improvement of the cig-a-like and offers higher nicotine concentration delivered through e-juices. It comes in a small size for portability and has a simple, user-friendly design. While this device delivers a near-smoking experience because of the high nicotine content, its cloud production is lower. The only major drawback of a pod mod is the short battery life.

Are you ready to get serious with vaping? Don’t let the huge number of products on the market overwhelm you. Look out for simplicity, safety features, long battery life and affordability in your vaping device.