Purpose of the Coil in a Solenoid Valve

The purpose of a solenoid coil is to transform electrical power into linear motion. The proportional solenoid valve controller coil consists of copper wire(or aluminum) wound around the iron plunger. The iron plunger is also called the armature and works along the coiling. When the electric current flows through the coil, a magnetic field is created, which causes the opening and closing of the solenoid valves.

It is the relative motion of the iron plunger and coil which control the whole working of the valves. If the coil of the solenoid flow control valve is not compatible with the power supply, then it would reduce the efficiency of the valve.

In this article, we are discussing the purpose of the various parts of the coil:

The Iron Plunger or Armature:

The ferromagnetic core of the solenoid flow valve is called the armature or plunger. When the electric current is passing through the coil, the magnetic flux converts the plunger into a magnet. The magnetic field of the plunger causes the rod to move further upside, causing the opening of the solenoid air flow control valve. 

When the current is passing through the coil, it would keep the coil in the opening position. When the electric current stop passing through the proportional solenoid valve coil, it closes and stops the flow of the liquid or gases.

Coil Construction of Solenoid Valves:

There are two main categories of the solenoid valves coil and we are distinguishing them:

  • Tape Wrapped Coils
  • Coils with DIN Connectors

Tape-Wrapped Coils:

A tape-wrapped coil of the proportional solenoid valve controller is made by looping the conductor wire around the iron plunger. The coil wire has a thin insulation layer around it and the complete winding is protected by the insulation tape. 

This is the main reason this type of coil is called the tape-wrapped coil. This type of solenoid coil is used in a relatively mild environment, as the tape-wrapped coil has lower resistance to moisture.

The Solenoid Coils with DIN Connectors:

The solenoid coil manufactures also offer a DIN connector option on their coils. The coil has a male connection and the plug connects the coil to the female connector.

A DIN connector of the coil in the proportional solenoid valve controller has many advantages:

  • Quick valve or coil exchange 
  • Excellent insulation properties 
  • Possible water tightness

When you are using a DIN connector, it provides the extra safety of the coil. You can enjoy better insulation of the coil and hence it increases the life of the solenoid coil. The DIN connector makes the coil more water-resistant as compared to the tap-wrapped coil.


The main purpose of the coil of the proportional solenoid valve controller is to provide the magnetic force to operate. You can choose the various constructions of the coil according to the working environment. If you need more resistivity of the solenoid coil, then you need to choose the DIN connector coil. It all depends upon your working environment and conditions.