Why is Cardiovascular Exercise important for everyone and not just for Weight Loss

Health is wealth

This saying might be a cliche, but it stands the ground nonetheless.

A recent article reports average US citizens spend 6 hours per day sitting (4 hours greater than before the pandemic), which triggers the factors causing Diabetes mellitus, heart disease, obesity, and more. 

Experts say even 15 minutes of exercise daily can add up to five extra years to your lifetime! How good does that sound?

You might have heard about cardiovascular exercise or the more popular nickname “Cardio.” But why on earth are we starting to talk about it? Not by chance. To get into the details, keep reading till the end. Because this article is gonna change your life for good.

What is Cardiovascular exercise?

Cardiovascular exercises are a set of a training regimen that helps to fasten the heart rate and respiratory rate alike to increase the overall metabolism. These exercises don’t need many sophisticated instruments. 

Cardio exercises help to get the blood pumping and also large muscle groups of the body to contract. Examples of cardio can be:

  • Swimming
  • Jogging and running
  • Walking
  • Aerobics
  • Treadmill exercises 
  • Soccer and volleyball etc
  • Cycling
  • Gardening and powered cleaning 

Are there any benefits of doing cardio?

Most experts recommend getting at least 150 minutes of brisk cardio activity( like walking or jogging) or 75 minutes of intense cardio exercise ( soccer, swimming, etc.) each week to stay fit. But why? For weight loss only? No, that’s something we all know already. So let’s find out the others. 

  • Lowers blood pressure

These exercises help reduce high blood pressure and keep BP in check at a normal level in healthy individuals. 

  • Controls asthma symptoms

Cardio exercises largely include aerobics, which helps us increase the air intake capacity of the lungs and the pumping action of the heart. These, together, provide relief to asthma patients. 

  • Improves cardiovascular health

As reported by specialist doctors, brisk aerobics help to overload the heart in a controlled environment under safe limits so that pumping actions get a boost. Also, regular cardio exercises lead to a rise in good cholesterol (HDL) with a significant fall in bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. 

  • Reduces chronic pain

Aerobics help to keep joints and muscles mobile and heals all chronic pain. 

  • Regulates blood sugar

Regular cardio exercises keep the body fit, maintain insulin levels and reduce sugar levels. Even brisk walking every day will significantly help diabetic patients. 

  • Cures insomnia

In patients with disturbed sleep patterns, regular cardiovascular exercises along with counseling help to re-establish healthy sleep patterns. Completing 16 weeks of daily exercise at least 2 hours before bedtime has been proven to be extremely helpful. 

  • Immunogenic properties

Aerobics help to increase levels of antibody immunoglobulin and cytokine levels, boosting immunity to a greater level. 

  • Mood upliftment

Exercise leads to the secretion of the popular happy hormone- endorphins and some amount of serotonin and oxytocin also lead to relief in anxiety and depression and make a person happy. This is because it channels the excess negative energy into the activity. 

  • Reduces falls and fractures in old

Regular mobility practice helps to avoid immobility issues like stiff joints, worn-out cartilage, falls, fractures, etc., especially in older individuals. In addition, regular running, swimming, cycling, etc., keep the leg bones occupied and loaded, which leads to the maintenance of healthy bone density. Thus, fragility issues are avoided. 

  • Improves brain power

The brain starts losing tissue after 30 years of age, and surprisingly this happens to a significantly lesser degree in persons who are physically more active. Exercise has certain neuroprotective functions that must be harnessed. 

Who needs cardio more? 

So it’s evident that cardiovascular exercises have unimaginable potential in fighting almost every common disease we may imagine. Weight loss is just one of them.

And the good thing is cardiovascular exercises are safe to do; they’re easy to learn, even for kids. You don’t have to sign up for the gym; you can start the next training session everywhere – in the office, park, football ground, and even in your bedroom. 

So, it’s a myth that only obese people should be doing aerobics. In reality, we all should start workouts regularly to keep all blood levels in check and protect our heart, brain, and whole bodily systems, which will ultimately manifest into the healthy, fit, and disease-free life that everyone wishes for.

It’s never late. Now you know the stakes, just start it. Not tomorrow, not next Sunday.

Start walking right now, today only.