Professional Tips to Make your Eyes Look Bigger

Do you want to accentuate your eyes and make them look bigger and more expressive? You’re not alone, as millions of women with smaller eyes look for cosmetic and makeup enhancements for more pronounced eyes. Luckily, there’s an exciting world of makeup products, skincare lines, and cosmetology solutions to support this endeavor. 

We’ve all seen video tutorials of makeup artists accentuate their eyes, jawlines, and lips to make them look bigger and fuller. However, imitating these techniques becomes overly complicated and challenging. After all, not everyone has the talent or patience to work with complex makeup techniques. 

We firmly believe in effortless and practical makeup hacks, which is why we’ve created this roundup of professional tips. So keep reading to pick up some essential tips and tricks to make your eyes look bigger and more pronounced. 

Explore Cosmetology Solutions 

It’s wise to explore skincare and cosmetology solutions before embracing a makeup routine. You see, when you remove the carefully applied layer of makeup, the discreetly hidden defects spring back to the surface. So, we’re advising you to look for a permanent solution that enhances your skin and makes your eyes more prominent. 

Have you ever considered double eyelid surgery? Blepharoplasty is a widely practiced surgical option to make the eyes look more prominent and visible. It involves the removal of encroaching tissues tucked in the eye corners. Unfortunately, most people fear corrective surgeries and confuse them with procedures like Botox and damaging fillers. 

It’s wise to look for a cosmetology treatment or surgical procedure for larger eyes and corrective changes. Rest assured that such a procedure won’t cause any disruptive damages or alter the shape of your eyes. An eye lift is a basic procedure and doesn’t require extensive scheduling. Some people like to combine eye lift procedures with a brow lift or an enhancing facelift. 

It all boils down to understanding your cosmetology correction needs and working with an experienced professional. 

Invest in Quality Skincare 

Most beauty addicts end up overspending on makeup products and neglect pampering their skin with healing essentials. Remember, skincare is crucial to enhance your features and bring about results that make you confident. So, before you start buying eye-enhancing makeup products, invest in quality skincare solutions. 

You can make your eyes look brighter and more pronounced with the right skincare products. For instance, an eye cream is a must-have product to hydrate your eyes. A quality eye cream will eliminate dark circles and puffiness to hydrate your eyes and correct those awful under-eye patches. 

A hydrating and brightening eye mask is another must-have essential to brighten up the eyes, making you look more awakened. We advise you to explore products that pack up caffeine, hyaluronic acid, antioxidant extracts, and green tea. These ingredients reduce the puffiness in the eyes, eliminate swelling and give the entire eye region a brightened appeal. 

Correcting Dark Circles

Dark circles and under-eye bags not only dull our complexion and radiance they also make our eyes appear smaller. In addition, they create the illusion of a dark shadow covering up the eye region and thus, give our eyes a small, beady appearance. You can correct this issue by eliminating and covering up the dark circles. 

This endeavor requires a skincare and makeup combination. You need a skincare product that corrects and gradually eliminates dark circles. And it’s also wise to invest in an under-eye concealer to create a more energized and refreshing look. A concealer will brighten up the eyes, making an illuminated appeal. 

Finding the right concealer shade is always a challenge, and it requires extensive experimentation. Therefore, we advise you to head out to your nearest store and experiment with colors until you find the perfect match. 

Here’s a professional tip: Use the concealer to create an inverted triangle beneath the eyes. MUAs term this technique as the “triangle of light” – an apt name that describes the effects of this technique. 

Also, make a habit of putting soaked green tea bags on your eyes to reduce the dark circles and shadows. But, more importantly, catch up on at least 8-9 hours of beauty sleep to eliminate the root cause behind these unflattering under-eye circles. 

Volumizing Eyeshadow Hack 

Do you hesitate to apply multiple eyeshadow layers and cover up the eyelids very close to the brow? If you’re not comfortable applying eyeshadow and dark colors, it’s a natural hesitation. However, we advise you to overcome this fear and get comfortable with an eyeshadow brush. 

The idea is to apply thick layers of eyeshadow very close to your brow line. It’s a commonly used makeup technique, and it works wonders by filling up your eyelids. In addition, it creates the illusion of more pronounced eyes by making the lid space look bigger and fuller. 

In addition, it will open up your eyes and brighten up the eye area with color. This technique is particularly effective for ladies with hooded eyes. 

Here’s another professional eyeshadow hack: start buying eyeshadow palettes with bright and rich tones. Eyeshadow colors have a profound impact on opening up and brightening the eyes. You can experiment with light and rich shades to create a vibrant and balanced color palette. 

We advise you to blend colors like rich browns, pastels, and subtle shimmer to create the illusion of open and bigger eyes. After applying the eyeshadow, be sure to play up the waterline with a dark brown or black liner. It will amplify the drama and create a delightful eye-opening effect. 

Mascara Hacks for Dramatic Lashes 

Curling up the lashes adds a pronounced definition to the eyes, making them look bigger and accentuated. You see, straight lashes create a dark shadow and cover up the eye area. If your eyes are small and hooded, you need a lash volumizing mascara. Consider investing in a lash roller that easily captures and curls every lash with a thick coat. Be sure to work both the upper and lower lash line for an ultra-accentuated appeal. 


These skincare and makeup tips will help you achieve a natural-looking illusion to enhance your eyes. It’s wise to embrace a few holistic remedies, such as applying cucumber slices and green tea bags to your eyes. If you want a more permanent and effortless solution, look into a cosmetology solution that addresses your needs. In the end, abrasive and harsh makeup products end up doing more harm than cosmetic procedures.