The styling ideas behind Robe Hooks

The devil is in the details. This saying is extremely true in the context of interior design. If you want to create an amazing space, you also need to think about the smallest furniture elements and accessories. A great example is robe hooks. Check below what you should know about them and how to use them wisely. You will also see where to buy them to have the highest quality accessories at a low price!

Everyone needs good robe hooks

Obviously, everyone needs some accessories that can be used for clothes, towels and robes. Robe hooks are the most essential details in every bathroom, and they determine whether the space may be convenient for us or not. Good hooks for towels and other stuff are not only useful, but required in every bathroom. That doesn’t mean that we should buy random robe hooks, though.

When choosing to shop in the Furnica online store, you can choose exactly the robe hooks you need. Robe hooks are common furniture accessories, but in the Furnica online store you can find them in many different options. Brass, old-fashioned, modern silver and gold, neural minimalist – you can choose robe hooks available in various styles for the room. Such a small decor will make a big difference, because it will fundamentally emphasize your style and character of the space.

All popular types of robe hooks

At Furnica you will find different types of wall-mounted clothes and towel hooks. Most of the products are mounted with mounting screws. The hooks can have a vertical or a horizontal orientation. Most often, the assembly consists in simply making two holes in the wall and then attaching the selected accessory to them with two mounting screws. You can also distinguish robe hooks with a self-adhesive coating. Modern products can have a very strong glue, which will keep a weight of several dozen kilograms, but will not leave a permanent mark after removing the hook from the wall!

Arranging the space

The way of arranging the hooks on the wall affects both the aesthetic and practical values. Certainly, one or two hangers should be located near the sink, bathtub and shower cubicle. The number of bathroom wall-mounted hangers installed is simply determined on the number of household members and our needs.

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Order more accessories and enjoy free delivery

When shopping at Furnica online store, you can choose more useful furniture accessories. This way you will be able to ensure free, fast shipping. In the store you will also find many other types of useful accessories and fittings – furniture hinges, modern drawer guides, lift systems, gas strings and much more!