Green Tea – How It Aids in Maintaining Fitness

No one would have thought that green tea would revolutionise the beverage industry. From its authentic taste to its light texture – it’s one of the refreshing drinks in the market. Moreover, it’s good for your body, boosting both mental and physical states.

And what’s interesting, it’s been used by the Chinese to reduce inflammation, body temperature, fight off cancer cells, etc., and thus the practice of consuming green tea is started all over the world. As it contains the right amount of caffeine (less than coffee) and amino acids, it helps in improving mood, relieving anxiety, and also boosting memory.

All the above reasons are enough to brew a cup of green tea and drinking it regularly. But do you know that it also helps in maintaining the fitness of your body? From athletes to those who want to reduce weight – green tea plays a positive role in a weight-reducing diet. It sure is a selling point, isn’t it?

But, if you’re wondering how a small cup of tea could shed your weight, read the below reasons to find out how:

A good swap for unhealthy drinks

Sugary and carbonated drinks may taste good in your mouth but do plenty of harm inside your body. They are responsible for adding extra calories, high sugar content in your blood, and the fat storage under your cells. All these are the factors for an unfit body.

After reading this, swapping them with a good drink as green tea seems like a fantastic idea. Drinking 3 to 4 cups a day whenever you feel like having a drink is the best way to not install those few extra calories in your body. Sure, it may not remove your hunger but keeps your tummy full until you can find a healthy snack in your home or office.

Instant hydration

One of the main ways to stay fit is to always be hydrated, and green tea does excellent work at that. The water present in it is instantly absorbed by your body and keeps your body hydrated. Though it contains caffeine which is a diuretic, it’s not present in enough quantity to act in that manner. So, whenever you had a heavy workout, have a cup of green tea after sometime to replenish the fluid content in your body.

Reduces belly fat

Green tea shows an anti-angiogenic effect, which means it has the properties to increase the metabolism rate in your body, especially in the abdomen area. It decreases the body fat stored in your abdomen by accelerating the burning of calories. So, whenever you do abdominal exercises for toning your waist and stomach, don’t forget to include green tea in your workout diet having lots of benefits of drinking a green tea. For even more improved results, have green tea before the workout routine.

Immediate energy boost

The caffeine present in the green tea will give you an immediate energy boost. And here, you might argue about coffee doing the same thing. However, green tea contains a moderate amount of caffeine which doesn’t leave you in a state of insomnia. It gives you the right level of energy for you to carry on the work like you normally do.

Moreover, drinking green tea before a workout is proved to be beneficial and is backed up by so many dieticians. And they also recommend you consume tea 30 minutes before you start your workout regime.

Improves workout performance

We’ve already established how green tea improves metabolism. Increasing metabolism means increased blood flow in your system. It is directly implied to supplying oxygen to your all body organs, and thus improves your physical stamina while doing the workout. So, whenever you’re planning to start a workout, try including green tea as part of your diet.

Boosting longevity

Green tea has enzymes, antioxidants, and other factors that fight many diseases like cancers, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, etc. So making green tea part of your routine means you can be healthy in your old age and expect to live longer. And without any illnesses like cold, flu, etc., interrupting your routine, you can carry on with your workout schedule without any hurdles.

Pro tip: You can store green tea in large quantities. Just brew a large amount and store it in the fridge after adding lemon and mint. It acts as an on-the-go drink before you start a workout.

Lowering stress levels

Green tea helps in relieving anxiety and stress in your body. Lower stress levels mean our immunity system works at its best, so you’ll be able to parry any diseases that might harm you. It allows you to spend those extra minutes required at the gym to burn the calories for the day. Or you can run or walk a little longer without succumbing to tiredness or other anxiety issues.

Green tea is a gift to mankind

Like many things in nature, discovering green tea is a gift to mankind as it helps us in many ways. It’s refreshing, light, immunity booster, and many other good things. Include this tea in your daily life and you can see the positive results overtime.

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