Practical Tips to Increase Sales During the Lockdown

Lockdown has not been easy for businesses. Many companies shut down and millions of employees were laid off within a few weeks when the pandemic hit. The world got used to living in those situations and things are now almost back to routine. 

Even the problem of unemployment was solved and more new companies started than were closed. It was made possible because businesses figured out ways to get sales even during the lockdown. They are no longer scared of the lockdown and are prepared to even use it as an opportunity. 

Adjust the Strategy to New Behavior

Living standards and purchasing behavior have changed almost all around the world since the COVID. They had to adjust to changes that the pandemic inflicted on us. This includes keeping social distance, decreasing foot traffic, and following business restrictions to get back to work as fast as possible just like, as per the research of GetVoIP, the actions of these ten cities. You need to study your audience and consider these behaviors when creating your strategy for sales. 

Focus on What is Still Relevant

You must be flexible with your business model. See what is in demand these days and which of your products and services are not selling at all. If you see that a product is no longer selling, you need to come up with an alternative that will sell. 

You can do that by either doing thorough market research or conducting some experiments with different products. Focus on what’s selling instead of waiting for things to get back to normal. As profits and sales might be short in these times, you should avoid investing in things that are not relevant these days. 

Stay in Touch with Customers

It’s more important than ever to stay in touch with your prospects. When many businesses are going down, you need to keep reminding the world that you are operating and available for them. The goal is to stay as close to them as possible and improve their experience with you. When you deliver something, call them and ask for their feedback. 

Let them know if you are launching something new or if you have any discounts or sales. This is the behavior to follow even on normal days. You get an edge over your competitors when your customers feel special and connected to you. You get to win customer loyalty and increase the retention rate. It costs five times more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. 

Create an Interactive Online Store

Your business is far behind if it doesn’t have a website. You don’t just need a simple static website anymore. It’s important that you create an online store with everything that you would have in the real-world store. 

Your prospects can place their orders on call, but they don’t get the experience they deserve. Index every single one of your products with descriptions on your website. It is also important that they can order without any human interaction. This means it’s necessary to add an online payment method that is convenient for the customers. 

Increase Digital Marketing Budget

Digital marketing is one of the industries that thrived most during the pandemic. When people stopped going out and offline marketing became almost irrelevant, digital platforms helped businesses reach out to their customers. Working from home and flexible hours gave many people leisure time to spend on the internet. 

This has made it easier to approach them through search engines and social media. You should increase the budget of your digital marketing to increase brand awareness, provide better customer service, and improve the retention rate to increase overall sales of your business. 

Ensure a Fast Delivery

People go out for things that they need right away. They order online only when they are not in a hurry. Most people no longer like to go out shopping even when there is no lockdown. They will either stay without it or they will go to an online service that can deliver fast. 

It’s important that you start providing the fastest delivery service. You can target a small area but fast delivery is crucial if you want to increase your sales. This will also be a unique selling point that will give you an edge over your competitors.