DPF Cleaning Equipment

Gone are the days when we have to live with dirty black smoke polluting our precious environment as heavy trucks chug up and down the roads. Thanks to diesel exhaust technology and the way that it has evolved over the years combined with stricter emission regulations, we’re looking at breathing healthier air. The environment and your lungs will thank you for it. If you own one of these heavy trucks or vehicles that run on diesel, caring for and maintaining your DPF system is essential. 

What Is A DPF In Your Vehicle

DPF stands for diesel particulate filters. This is the system that is responsible for diesel engine cars becoming a lot cleaner. This filter device is fitted to your vehicle’s exhaust system on modern diesel engines. The DPF system can either be fitted before or after the catalytic converter. Some DPF filters are mounted directly after the turbocharger because these filters require heat to run correctly. Inside the metal shell that encases the filter lies a honeycomb monolith that requires regular cleaning and care for it to run and perform at its best. This is where your DPF cleaning equipment comes into play. 

The most common components of a DPF filter are cordierite wall flow filters or silicon carbide wall flow filters. Metal fiber filters and metal fiber flow through filters are some of the other components that a DPF filter could be made of, depending on the manufacturer you purchase it from. The primary function of your DPF filter is to trap the particles that are created by diesel engines. Since the particulates are harmful to the respiratory system, it is imperative that you keep your DPF system functioning well. The only way it can do that is if you clean the filter regularly.  

The filter works by filtering (as the name implies) soot and other fine particles from the exhaust fumes. From time to time, the soot particles are burned off to help regenerate the filter automatically. However, there are times when the automatic regeneration filter doesn’t work and the soot particles become blocked off. Without the proper cleaning equipment, regeneration failure can happen. 

How the Cleaning Equipment Works

There are a lot of companies out there that specialize in DPF cleaning equipment. A good tip to keep in mind is that it is always better to buy proper cleaning equipment that is designed specifically to get the job done rather than attempt to DIY the cleaning process yourself. Sure, it can be tempting to save a few bucks, but if the job isn’t done right, you could be looking at a much larger bill down the road when your filter system eventually stops working. 

You need the right cleaning equipment that is going to focus on unblocking the filter so it can regenerate to run as it should. Using the proper cleaning equipment for your filter makes the job much easier. You don’t have to remove the filter and you don’t have to exchange it or send it away for repairs either. That’s right, all you need to do is clean it! The proper DPF cleaning equipment works by flushing out the particles that have become clogged up in the filter. The special cleaning solution will unblock the soot that has built up inside that honeycomb monolith, along with other residue that might have become clogged up there. Once loosened, these particles will then be pushed out of the filter by the exhaust fumes. 

Once this is done, your filter is regenerated and ready to use again. You can drive your vehicle up and down the road with peace of mind knowing that your filter is working just as it should. A proper working filter means that stress is not placed on the other components of your vehicle to pick up the slack.  The best part of it all is that proper DPF cleaning equipment gets the job done in no time. You don’t have to keep your vehicles in the garage anymore for hours on end or several days waiting to get the filter running again. 

Should You Invest in Cleaning Equipment? 

The answer to this one is yes. There is an old saying that goes like this: “prevention is better than cure.” This is absolutely true when it comes to the care and maintenance of your vehicle. Diesel is used not just in heavy vehicles but in certain cars too. Vehicles that usually run on diesel don’t come cheap. It is better to look after your vehicle and have it run better for longer than to be faced with a sudden big bill when your vehicle parts begin to break down. 

Cleaning instead of replacing should be the motto of every vehicle owner. Plus, it makes driving on the road much safer when you know all your vehicle’s parts are running as they should. Minimizing the risk of breakdowns only improves your chances of arriving at your destination safely. 

Never Skimp on Quality

Using the right DPF cleaning equipment can make your cleaning process significantly quicker. DPF Parts Direct particulate filter cleaning can save you a lot of money and a lot of time in the long run. Never skimp on quality when it comes to caring for your auto parts, and this includes the cleaning equipment. It is always better to invest in the maintenance and care of your DPF parts rather than have to spend double the amount (or more) replacing your parts or buying a whole new vehicle altogether. 

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