Pool Designs for Your Small Backyard

When you have a smaller backyard, it can be difficult to find the right pool design. You might have trouble finding something you want that will fit, or you might have doubts that you can get a pool installed at all. Thankfully, lots of Boca Raton pool builders have faced this problem. Rest assured that the right contractor can help you find the perfect solution to your space problem. 

Here are some ideas you can take to your contractor of choice. Any of these options could look great in your backyard!

Cocktail Pools

A cocktail pool is a small pool that fits perfectly in a backyard with limited space. You can dress them up however you like, or you can have a simple, aesthetic pool without all the fuss. Even though they are small, cocktail pools can be in many sizes and shapes. You can even include standard pool extras like fountains, lighting, decks, and more. 

Essentially, the options are nearly endless for these smaller pools. Any pool builder will be able to assess what you want and help you find the perfect cocktail pool design for the space you have. 

Lap Pools

A lap pool is a long, narrow swimming pool that can fit into much smaller spaces. Lap pools are great for exercise – hence the name. They’re just large enough to give you some meaningful laps, which makes them ideal for smaller spaces. You can work with your pool builder to design a lap pool that runs along the edges of your property. 

Lap pools aren’t really made for entertaining, but they’re great for endurance training and other types of recreational swimming. They are generally shallow, but you can add a host of features to make the pool better for your exercise goals. Additions of a current generator or a wave system can really take your simple, small lap pool to the next level. In fact, installing these features is easier in a lap pool than in a larger, custom pool. 

Combination Pools

The possibilities are endless, even when working with a smaller space. Pool builders can conceptualize the most efficient use of the space available. You don’t have to stick to the options here or any selection that your pool builder suggests. You can get a lap pool with water features and lighting, or you can get a deeper version for more recreational uses as well. Combine shapes to meet the demands of your backyard, creating custom arrays of different types of pool features. 

The choices are yours. Don’t be afraid to mix it up when speaking with your pool builder. 

Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is a small, deep pool that allows you to completely submerge yourself in cool water. Usually, plunge pools are deep enough so that you can tread water, which makes them significantly deeper than the other options on our list. A plunge pool helps maximize the depth of your backyard, which is useful even when you don’t have a lot of space. 

Freeform Pools

A freeform design is a great idea when you don’t have much space. Work with your pool builder to design a pool that fits into your space, even if there are corners or odd dimensions to meet. Some of the most unique angles and options can create stunning pools with lots of special features! Whatever special design you want, don’t be afraid to look into how it could fit in your backyard. The right pool builder will work with you to make sure that everything will exceed your expectations!

Common freeform designs include a bean-style Kidney Pool, circles, hexagons, and even a longer pool combined with a circular option on one end. Thinking outside the box can improve your backyard for the better!


Whatever space you’re working with, you can still get a great pool installed! Work with your Boca Raton pool builders to help determine what type of pool is best for your space and your lifestyle. You can choose any one option they suggest, or you can combine different types of small pools to get the outcome you want! Don’t be afraid to think outside the box – your pool contractor will be able to help!