An android application package called is a speech synthesizer application.

Before we get into the details of the package let’s know what is speech synthesize. In general, it means when you enter the text into your computer, and then the computer will analyze it and read it out loud.

And when a computer system is being used for this function, it’s called speech synthesizer.

SpeechSynthesis Data Installer or TTS Application

A TTS is required. It’s called Text to speech which is a program that is going to convert normal language text into the speech. All of these are being created by combining the fragments of speech together that are secured in the database.

Moreover, the android system Text to speech is made of two parts. Firstly, the front end and a back end. Different tasks are being assigned to each end.

The front end of :

The front end has two important tasks. It changes the undefined texts to the symbols and corresponding written words. This process is called text normalization.

Later, the front end allocates phonetic transcriptions to each word. It’s called text to phoneme.

The backend of :

Converting the symbolic representation into the sound is the task performed at the backend. In this task, is to create the prosody.

A feature of voice synthesizer also known as

Using this voice synthesizer, you can convert the message in your desired language like French, German, Hindi, English etc. Enter one text at a time and you’ll get your output. Try out different languages as well.

Many YouTubers, videographers are using this technique to give effective sound to their videos. It enhances and gives quality to the voice.

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History of speech synthesizer or app like :

Before the discovery of electronic signal processor, Some expert people tried to build machines to emulate human speech easily. Some early legends of the existence of  “Brazen Heads” involved pops silvester 2 (d.1003 AD). As a result, a TTS program is developed by Android developers which are known as text to speech.