How to Manage Your SEO Ranking

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the widely used, affordable and effective online marketing tools. Though there exists other digital marketing tools such as email marketing solutions, social media and PPC, many online business, blogs and interactive website owners invest a lot of time in SEO mainly to improve their sites search engine rankings. It is one of the greatest tools to help you raise the quality of your website to make it user friendly, easy to navigate and increase its performance.

Most search engine users tend to trust the first top five SERPS (Suggestions in the Result Pages). So as to gain new visitors to your site, you need to ensure that your website is among the top. This is not always a simple task, but with the right SEO practices will keep you ahead of your competitors. For these reasons, it is therefore very important to remain updated on your site position, so as to make the right changes that give you the opportunity to remain at the top.

White label rank tracker is one of the best Serp rank tracker tools that can help you perform a continuous tracking and SERP analysis, so as to evaluate your SEO strategy. The tool can perform simple rank tracking as well more complex location and mobile rank tracking. It generates comprehensive daily ranking reports across user devices and search engines among other useful insights. SEO agencies can take advantage of the white label report feature available in SERP checkers to enhance their brand impression. The reporting function allows the user to customize the reports with company’s name and logo, which builds customer trust and confidence.

White Label SEO Platform Features

White label rank tracker is a free tool which is ideal for all including webmasters, digital marketers and SEO agencies, service vendors and professionals. The platform comes with several helpful features and benefits. It allows you to:

  • Use Your Personal Domain – You can use your existing domain or sub-domain with minimal development required and no other links are needed.
  • Manage Users – You can easily add or remove users and assign access to various sections like the ranking section, web audit and performance based invoicing among other SEO services sections.
  • Generate Customized Reports – The white label ranking platform enables you to generate manual or auto generates daily reports, which can be sent to your corporate mail or other built-in templates when necessary.
  • Create Custom Graphs – You can set personalise parameters using different SEO metrics to create your modified graphs to get unique insights of the situation. You can also choose to merge various data sets such as SEO rank and traffic for a more comprehensive analysis.
  • Cross Campaign Support – Even if you have more than one website, the white label tool will perfectly handle multiple sites rank reports.
  • Set Personalized Appearance – You can select you preferred colours, set custom header and footer as well as add you company name and logo to reports in HTML, PDF, Spreadsheet or email formats.
  • Set Extensive Third Party Integration – The platform also allows you to view and create custom insights based on third party integrations. It combines your rank, traffic analysis and visibility with third party data to help you assess your position in the market.

Customized White Label Platform Sections

  • Tools – The platform offers a number of tools comprising of backlinks monitoring, multi-dimension tracking (position, mobile and location rank), keyword grouping and suggestion and many others. Keyword grouping and suggestion helps you to efficiently and effectively distribute keywords among your web pages.
  • Competitor Allowance – Enables you to view rankings for your close competitors to compare with your position. It also offers a ‘Spy’ feature that allows you to see competitors’ keys words, traffic and ads.
  • Rank and Traffic Analytic – It shows accurate average ranking, percentage in top, current traffic, search visibility and traffic forecast among other insights.
  • Website Audit – The platform also enables a thorough analysis of your site SEO ranking factors and identifies vulnerabilities.
  • Digital Marketing Plan – The main purpose of tracking your site SEO rank is to test whether your marketing strategy is yielding the desired results. The tool can be used to generate preliminary reports, provide on and off-site optimization guidelines, as well as generate social signals to help you adjust your online marketing plans.

If you are looking for an effective way to get your site and business to the next level, a SERP checker with a white label platform will be an ideal tool. However, it is important to note that SEO campaigns can take months to yield results, so it requires patience and persistence.