Every Penny counts why waste it on myths???

A real man does his job on his own, however, there are certain jobs that suit experts only. Plumbing is one of those prominent jobs that requires an expert plumber and gas cooker fitters. Instead of pretending to be a ‘know it all’ and for the sake of saving some extra cash, why not take a look at 5 myths that cause us the extra bill. So, let’s begin-

#1. A clear pipe is not always a clean pipe

Pipes are an extremely important part of a household. The pipes keep our sinks clean and free of leftover food. However, a common misconception is that a clear pipe is always a clean pipe, unless it’s not clogged. But, it is important that the pipelines are cleared every fortnight so that solid foods and other wastes do not block those pipes beneath the sink to your kitchen. Because, dirty pipes are the favorite hangout spots for roaches, thus spending a few bucks in early cleaning of the pipes will save a big spend in the future.

#2. Excuse me Sir, citrus peels are not always the solution!

While it is true that citrus such as lemons and vinegar removes stains and germs and is a cheap source to remit odor from the sink and pipes; however, it can often end up choking them. Like not literally but it’s going to be regretful when this brilliant idea could cost you additional expenses. Air fresheners sound more of an appropriate idea, doesn’t it?

#3. Can we avoid the self-plumbing fixture attempts, please?

It cannot be denied that knowing a thing or two about plumbing and gas fitters is commendable, but sometimes our intention to save the plumbing cost often hands us in a longer and heftier bill than necessary. Remember the time when almost 4 out of 5 of us tried to fix the tap that almost led to a tsunami at our place? The chances of getting flooded would have been zero if it were a professional that repaired the tap.

#4. It’s okay to flush wipes once in a while, NO! It’s NOT!!!

Subconsciously throwing a used wipe in the commode might be an unnoticed clumsy mistake, however, it is advised that a bit of cautiousness will save the horror of experiencing an overflowed commode, which will not be a pleasant scene. What happens is, the pipeline of this system is as fragile as the pipelines adjoined to sinks, and the experience can get extreme because the eruption of the wastage will surely make you miss your dinner for the next two nights. It is recommended that there should be a waste bin in the loo so that the used wipes can be thrown into the bin, or else the plumbers are always there to help.

#5. Say no to boiling hot water!

Well, it does sound convincing that pouring boiling hot water down the sink helps to get rid of the greasy stains cluttering the pipeline, however, experts have proven that it creates an entirely opposite result. Pouring boiling hot water rather hardens the waste and makes them more persistent. It might even end up costing a new set of pipes, and let’s not forget the charge of a plumber near your area.

Therefore, it can be said that legacy left by our mother, grandmother, and great great grandmother is obviously important because they were the experts of their time, and those are the best recommendations to be followed, but let’s not get confused between myths and legacies. Just because our ancestors did it doesn’t mean we’d do the same and continue to torture the pipelines within our house.