How to Block Roaches Coming out of Drain Pipes

Roaches are something which nobody wants in their home. But can you really block it? Yes, if you take certain precautions!

In this article, we are going to talk about those precautions which help you block roaches coming out of drain pipes. Some of you might argue that we can close everything to prevent it coming but there is always a way to better manage it. And that is something we can discuss in this article.

Why are roaches attracted to pipes?

Roaches are nocturnal creatures that like to live in pipes, particularly drain pipes, dark places in or nearby, and the food sources nearby. Sewers, drain pipes, and similar conditions are ideal for the roaches to sustain, grow, and expand. These decaying substances allow roaches to be in their ideal conditions to grow as well.

There will be some conditions which will force roaches to come out of the drain pipes and find an alternate place to stay. For example, when it is hot, they will often find shelter within the pipes where it will find more humidity or when the pipes are overloaded, it will find an alternate place.

Now as you know why roaches love drain pipes, let’s learn how to avoid a roach infestation – 

Bleach kill roaches:

Bleach is an effective way to clean the drain pipe which in turn blocks the roaches from entering the pipes and eventually your home. Although bleach kills roaches but is not a recommended way to clean your drain pipes. The problem with bleach is – it releases toxic fumes within your pipes and there is a risk of disturbing the entire drain system all together. So, using bleach in a controlled manner is very much required. The ideal way can be – use the bleach roach killing spray to kill the roaches and at the same time, don’t disturb the drain system.

Block your drain at night:

Another way to prevent roaches from the drain pipe is to close your drain at night. See, you can’t close your drain all the time but can certainly do so during night. Usually, at night there won’t be much use and so, it’s fine to close it and that will kind of prevent roaches from entering your home. You can use metal screens or rubber stoppers to close the pipe during night. As said above, roaches are nocturnal and so it is important to do so before you turn in for the night.

Avoid water logging anywhere:

One of the things with roaches are – they like water and so they like to be in the drain, drain pipe etc. If you can somehow avoid water logging, this can reduce the chances of it getting in your home. A couple of things those you can do is – 

  • Don’t put something in your home which can hold water and avoid water logging
  • Don’t put dustbin in a humid place which can attract roaches
  • Don’t keep waste food in home which can further attract roaches


These were some of the quick ways to avoid roaches entering your home through drain pipes. It’s all about the precautions and hygiene you take to keep your home roaches free.