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It would not be wrong to say that apps are taking over the world. Apps are everywhere.  There are gaming apps, news and information apps, sports apps, movies app, Business apps, etc. Whether you like to stay up to date with the world or you are a gaming enthusiast, there are all sorts of apps present in the app store for everyone.

Moreover, if you strictly mean business, then there is a whole lot of another world of apps for you. There are apps like financial apps, legal apps, fitness apps, stock markets apps and many more apps that are primarily dedicated to professionals with different interests.

One such category is of Personal Financial App they help you with your finance and accounting. These apps allow you to manage your everyday spending and investments and gives you total control over your money.

Here are 10 such apps that you might find useful in your financial journey:

The App store is filled with such Personal Financial Apps. But all of them are not worthy of investing your time, and some may even cost you more than just your time. Before downloading any app that will help you with your finances, you might want to learn about it. 

#1. MINT

MINTMint is a very popular online personal financial accounting app, which offers you a variety of services.

  • It is free to download and is available on mobile devices.
  • It tracks your spending and lets you create a budget based on that.
  • You are regularly alerted and reminded of your due dates regarding your funds.
  • You also get notifications and warnings if your accounts are running low or if there is a chance of suspicious transactions.
  • It also keeps track of your bills and informs you when the date is due.
  • Mint checks your credit score and suggests you in improving it.
  • It keeps all your finances safely in one place by connecting with all your credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and all your monthly bills.


WALLYWally is another such tool, which promises you in solving all your financial problems. 

  • It is a mobile app and is available on both Apple and Android. 
  • It helps you in managing your finances by monitoring your transactions. 
  • It then notifies you with suggestions, which are personalized and generated to help you in managing your finances, controlling your spending and reminds you about paying your dues. 
  • One unique feature of Wally is that it allows you to take pictures of your receipts and saves you from manually entering your spending details. It saves a lot of time and is very efficient. 
  • It is free to download and is completely ad-free which offers utterly uninterrupted user experience.


WALLETWallet is a mobile app that lets you plan your finance and control your expenses by keeping an eye on your spending habits. 

  • It is ideal for small businesses and for making small payments while traveling, shopping, etc. 
  • It also lets you scan your credit and debit card and allows you to use them at your convenience without always carrying them in your pocket.


YOU NEED A BUDGET (YNAB)YNAB is an app that offers you a solution for all your financial worries.

  • It helps you in deciding your budget in advance and saves you from damaging your monthly financial goals. 
  • It allows its users real-time access to their data and connects all their account in one account. 
  • YNAB helps it’s users to set their monthly goals and achieve them. 
  • It offers individual expense trackers, which alert you if you are getting out of your budget and helps you with its money management system.


VENMOVenmo is a mobile payment service available on ios, android, and web. 

  • It allows it’s users to send and receive money; both users should have a venmo account. 
  • It connects its users account with their bank accounts and will enable them to make payments through their bank account directly. 
  • It also allows it’s users to shop and pay bills.
  • It allows you to send and receive money by sharing your personal QR code with the other person.


ACORNSAcorns is a unique app, which helps you in investing. 

  • It automatically makes daily, weekly and monthly investments and helps you in saving for your future. 
  • It is a useful app for those who have a little knowledge about the market but wants to invest in it. 
  • It offers easy investments by allowing you to make small investments according to your budget and without stressing your wallet. 
  • It also provides a debit card, which awards cash back when used at Acorns selected partners.


DOLLARBIRDIt is a mobile app based on android and ios platform. 

  • It offers a calendar based user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to use. 
  • If you are own a small business and money comes in all the time, then this app can be handy. 
  • You can also share your budget with your friends or family and manage your finances together.


COINBASECryptocurrency used to have a shady image, but now it is slowly becoming a part of the real world. 

  • Coinbase app is for you if you are only interested in dealing with cryptocurrency (buying and selling bitcoin)
  • It lets you deal in bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • Coinbase comes with a special feature that lets you set alerts in advance that informs you when your target buying or selling price have been met.


IOU- DEBT MANAGERA mobile-based app lets you keep track of your money that somebody owes you.

  •  It enables you to remember all your small investments and keeps track of your debt loans and bills.


TYCOONCurrently available for ios devices Tycoon is a personal financial app created by a Supermodel Jess Perez.

  • It is claimed to be the best app for freelancers.
  • It lets you calculate your income after taking out your agent’s commission and other expenses before being paid.
  • This can be beneficial if you are working in a different country and are not aware of the payment systems.

A personal financial app is a brilliant example of how with the help of technology you can manage your finances and save time. Handling your financial transactions online comes with many benefits.

It saves you from making a lot of paperwork, time-consuming and stressful task that comes with arranging and keeping the receipts safe. 

It also saves you from any possible damage to files from water or fire, since e-files are not likely to suffer any fire or water loss. The chances of missing a file are very rare. 

A personal financial app is a suitable app for you if you are having a hard time handling your finances. It does your work of processing your transactions and lets you devote your time to other important tasks like setting goals, handling deals, etc.

It is also beneficial for people who are running a small business and are looking to grow. It allows you to keep track of expenses, take charge of your money and helps you in managing your finances more efficiently. People running small businesses can let these apps handle their transactions and focus on other tasks that require a human touch. 

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