Everyone loves to click pictures and post his or her selfies on social media networking sites. What’s even more interesting part is when there are filters while clicking the picture. Since we are talking about filters we simply cannot forget SnapChat that has billions of active users who post the pictures and post on their stories.

GIF’s, short and live videos and what not? There’s everything on SnapChat. But with it’s increasing demand and teenagers using it more, parents have to become cautious and keep an eye on their children. One minor mistake and it can mislead your kids.

Besides, no child adds their parents on the social media sites. So, the big question arises that being a parent how do you know what the children are up to and how to monitor snapchat?

You don’t need to worry because there are SnapChat spy Apps that will help you in tracking down the activities of your kids.

Today, in this blog we have described top 10 snapchat spy apps you can give a try. Check them out right away.


AppSpy is an android based spy app and ranks top amongst them. The best part about this app is you don’t need any sort technical knowledge. Easy to use with advanced algorithms that will hack directly into the snapchat and thereby backing up the conversations. Alongside, it’s not only for snapchat you can also use it for WhatsApp and Facebook to retrieve the messages. AppSpy sends the real-time location to target the apps. Compatible for iOS and Android – one can install the app for free.


The biggest worry of any parent is whom they are sending pictures of what kind?  But with FlexiSpy one can access the images and other multimedia that is being shared over Snapchat. With the smart technology used in the FlexiSpy – you can hack all the files and then review and check it out to know what your kids are up to.


One of the best spying app for Snapchat is the mSpy application that’s super easy to install and user-friendly for both operating systems that is iOS and Android. There are various features available in the App.

From live GPS Tracking, cross-platform technology, to logging into the snapchat and accessing all the information, calls, pictures – the mSpy app does everything.

Spy bubble

Spy bubble is another great option to spy on snapchat.  Considering how it is a great application for the beginners, one can target the person in an efficient manner and know what she or he is doing on the snapchat. It provides almost all the features through which one can monitor the snapchat and check all the messages, photos etc.


To know what the kids are doing and monitoring their snapchat Webwatcher is an ideal application that works on every platform. Install it easily on the devices and set it up to receive the messages. Besides, you can also track down on multiple devices and have a dashboard too.


One of the best mobile application that promises you in providing all the detailed information and also helps you in tracking down all the messages, calls, SMS on all the devices.  Additionally, there is also a feature tracking down the person and works effectively on every type of the network and phones.


Over the period of time, it has become very important to know what the kids are doing on social media apps like snapchat. To stay updated with it, HoverWatch was created that works as a great option in targeting the device and recording all the information of the device.

One can use HoverWatch and spy on five devices simultaneously and check the detailed history of calls, messages along with time, duration and status. Another best feature about HoverWatch is whenever the SIM card is being changed there’s an alert notification for it. Just to let you know HoverWatch isn’t a free device. It gives you 7-day trial and then after $19.95 per month.


One of the oldest spying device to monitor snapchat is MobileStealth that offers you cool features to ensure that you are targeting the device properly. One can use this app in spying the phones even at the workplace.  MobileStealth is compatible with almost all the devices and also offers MSN Tracking.

GuestSpy Application

Another great alternative worth trying out on how to monitor snapchat is GuestSpy Application. Simple to use, quick and efficient – just like any other apps GuestSpy gives you tons of features thereby making it possible to track down your children on snapchat.


Last but not least, the app that lets you track snapchat alongside Facebook, Instagram, KIK and other such apps is Spyzie. From messages, calls to photos one can get to know anything about their kid through this app. You also get real-time location tracking on the device. For one month it costs $39.99 and for a year it’s  $99.99.

With increasing usage of social media among teenagers it’s essential to know what they are doing and with whom they are having conversations. The above-written blog sums up about top 10 Snapchat Spy Apps that you can install in your phone and observe your kids without letting them know.